Not sure if anybody watches this show. It's called Breaking Bad and it stars Bryan Cranston (best known as Hal, the dad from Malcolm in the Middle), except in a deathly serious role--he plays a highly overqualified high school chemistry teacher (with a pregnant wife and 15-year-old son with cerebral palsy) who finds out that he has terminal lung cancer and <2 years to live.

So he starts making and selling crystal meth to save up some money for his family before he dies.

If you haven't seen this show, I'd highly recommend it--Cranston's acting is absolutely phenomenal. His role on Malcolm doesn't even hint at his expressive ability on this show. Watch it, Tivo it, download it from torrents (it's all on if you have to; this show is incredibly compelling.

Character MBTI breakdown:

Walter - INTJ
Jesse - ISTP
Skyler (Walt's wife) - ENFJ
Walter, Jr. - INTP
Hank (Walt's DEA agent brother in law) - ESFP
Marie (Hank's wife) - ESTP
Tuco - ESTP

I can't shake this nagging feeling that Walt is INFJ, though. My first guess was definitely INTJ--he seems to have incredibly strong Fi--and in this way he reminds of Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, because he's not so good with outwardly effusive shows of emotion, but his devotion to ethics is astounding. Ironically, by disappearing constantly to make and sell meth, he alienates his family during the last precious months of his life, all for the purpose of providing for the good of his family.

I've noticed a similar extraordinary attention to ethics in my very INTJ father. It's amazing how INTJs can run the gamut from totally evil to totally ethical, depending on background.