As Vunderbits, it is really difficult for us to describe the Tekeyes except to relegate them to be some sort of Masters of various Universes. Their words to us on this is that the Microscopic actually governs the Macroscopic, and since they seem so Macroscopic to us, this is a rather puzzling conundrum to almost all of us. Not to the Dedras though. There are very few of them nowadays since the third black hole multi universe implosion experiment. Word is that they still exist but in planes of existence that only those who have transversed the inter world planes of luminous Magnanimosity could possibly understand or explain.

Most of us few Vunderbits think of the even fewer Dedras left in our own concurrently limited Universal abstract of combined synergistic paradigms -sometimes known as the UAoCSP - (most of us are pretty proud of this deeper mental connectivity of multilateral minds) as our inner connection to the Tekeyes. In short, they communicate with us through meditative means. It's not like the Earth-World's more primitive “Transcendental” or “Zen” type things so much as it is within dreams within dreams style.

Tekeyes are quite difficult to understand. As I mentioned , they seem to us to be above us in inumerable ways, and yet through the understandings we get from the Dedras, the Tekeyes are stating to us that in a way it is we who create them by our aligned Multilateral recognances. It's very unnerving to say the least.