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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Buck McFate View Post
    Honestly, the first season didn't do a whole lot for me. I stopped after a few episodes and only started watching again when Netflix started showing it. Then the Walter/Peter (and maybe even a bit Astrid) rapport started growing on me. I want to say that I think Sliders is an apt comparison where tech soundness/credibility is concerned- but I think the relationships between the characters does get a lot better.

    The e5/feels happen more later, starting in the season 2 episode "August". I might post some thoughts about it later under spoilers. He (August) just seemed very much what it feels like (to me) to rely on Ti to sort through TOO MANY FEELINGS.
    I'd agree with most of the above. I really didn't like the first season, and just stuck with it because it was something to talk about with my INFJ friend from college. Things definitely improved with season 2, even if I don't feel like it ever quite hit "amazing" (although it had some great moments and plot twists).

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    As a perhaps silly aside- I noticed that the chronological order of the episodes is a bit off in the netflix sequencing. I only mention this because the opening of season 2 doesn't especially make sense if a person doesn't realize it's supposed to follow the second from last episode of season 1. The season 1 'finale' is actually the second from last episode- the last episode listed for season 1 is sorta like an 'extra' episode they didn't really know where to place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I don't remember ever seeing that in Lost. It seemed like some gimmick someone made up for this show to try and be cool cuz it was different. In fact, I felt by their approach they were trying too much to "not be Lost." *shrug*
    The similarity I'm referring to is the the font. Perhaps 'the graphic of the text' is a better way to describe it: the big platinum 3D block letters. And this might have something to do with the fact that I'd started watching Fringe while Lost was still airing and relatively novel- so it struck me as 'borrowing too much from Lost' at the time (because the somewhat dramatic opener for Lost- of the word "LOST" with those graphics against a black screen- was relatively fresh in my mind). But the way the letters are placed in the middle of the screen during the scenes- yeah, that's nothing like Lost.
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    I love it.
    I just got done binge-re-watching it with my mom and my aunt.


    in the last season i loved the plot-line of Peter slowly becoming an Observer- i kind of wished it had played out more.
    I felt like it fell apart a little after that.
    but I loved the Pocket Universe Episode

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    Gaaa... Not much room there to miss the spoiler, it's like right under the word spoiler!!!
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