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    ESFJ - paladin, with all that comes with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by TenebrousReflection View Post
    For Conjuration I was thinking more of summoning minions from the planes etc and having them do ones bidding, but your way of looking at it is probably truer to PNP.

    Since others have brought up Everquest 1, how would you see Enchanters in EQ1 and EQ2 as far as what types would be drawn to them and what types would have a natural talent for them?

    I played EQ1 for many years and had an enchanter alt and enjoyed the character, but it took every ounce of my concentration to play with even average ability, but I did have the privilage of grouping and raidign with some exceptionaly talendted enchanters and there was a world of difference between them and the average players in both how easily it seemed to come to them and what they could do for a group/raid. As a comparison, I found playing a Shaman (my main in EQ1 for several years) close to efortless in groups (with soloing I could challenge myself a bit more ) and even got frequent compliments about my skill in keeping groups alive and buffed and thought it strange to get so many compliments for a class that did not seem nearly as chalenging to play well as a good enchanter (my theory here is that introverts make better healers because they are healing when they should be instead of chatting or trying to get in the middle of the action with their mace/staff etc ). Thinking about that puts a twist on the question of type and class when it regards MMOGS, since sometimes the type that a class appeals to is not really a great fit because the skills needed better match another type.
    On a basic level, enchanters have high group-ability as well as high solo-ability and can travel/sell/quest in practically every city. They as a class become rarer and rarer as you level due to their substantial learning curve: mezzing/memory bluring multiple mobs continually, stunning/slowing whilst managing their aggro and harnessing their charm ability in both group/solo contexts.

    A good male ENTJ friend of mine played one back in the day. His talents were server renowned (Povar Server) and had groups begging for him to join them. He was also in the top server guild as well. He certainly played "The Field Marshall" in eq: deciding when/what to fight and doing it well.
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    STJ - Paladin.
    The defender of his friends, able to fight once you piss him off, and he can heal his friends. Can you describe "Guardian" personality type any better

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    I always pick the rogue. Allows me to get cool weapons\items using some thieving skills and who cares I mean, it's a damn game, not real you know. And assassin skills are just kinda cool in a strategic combat way. The sorcerer never really appealed to me. I mean magics looks cool but hell, playing xx hours never actually touching anybody and always staying away from the action is a deal breaker.

    My favorite rogue\assassin in a game was the assassin in diablo 2. Dueling with a fighting assassin -so no traps- was an art.
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    I love playing pet classes. The other mages don't do it for me for some reason.
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    I always pick healer or a long range fighter in MMOs.

    I used to play a holy Paladin as my main on WoW
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    INFP could be a cleric but I think a Monk (according the ADD v3) description fits it well also. Clerics have to be quite charismatic something that an ENFP is much more akin to then an INFP.
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    Choosing from Dota Allstars as personas related to MBTI for role play strategy

    INFP as -

    Faerie Dragon, Puck - In Sentinel's search for heroes to aid them in the war against the Scourge, they discovered the lost lands of the mystical Faerie Dragons. Upon explaining the conflict to the Faerie Queen of Agrace, she sent forth Puck, a personal guardian, to turn the tides of war. Despite his small size and mischievous personality, the little dragon soon proved to pack more than his fair share of power on the battlefield, blasting through the enemy ranks with balls of magic, faerie dust, and the capability to stupefy an entire army with nothing more than his imagination. His foes all learned the hard way that size matters not in combat, and that appearances are, ultimately, deceiving.

    Priestess of the Moon, Mirana Nightshade - A matriarch and high priestess of Elune's blessed order, Mirana Nightshade serves as a light in darkness for the front line of the Sentinel ranks, raining arrows and falling stars alike upon the shambling undead masses of the Undead Scourge, while her very presence is said to be so holy that it melts away the fatigue of nearby allies, giving them greater haste on the battlefield. In times of need however, she can fade herself and others around her into the safety of invisibility, making her a potent supporter matched by few.

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    hmm.. I'll try my hand at my own topic.

    - ESTJ - Going off the traditional description, I would assume an ESTJ character would be a typical rank-and-file Knight, fighting to protect whatever's worth protecting to him. However, a corrupted ESTJ could easily be swayed into being a Dark Knight as well.
    - ISTJ - ISTJs would totally be Lone Warrior types, or alternatively, Archers.
    - ESFJ - ESFJs could be good at any type of Mage class, and most likely an adept Healer as well.
    - ISFJ - ISFJs could be the best Healer type class, especially in a small party where they have a need to be a central anchor.

    - ESTP - Brawler / Berserker.
    - ISTP - I would say an ISTP is more likely to use a Gun than any other type of class, as their natural mechanical curiosity is spurred by practical cutting edge technology like the gun.
    - ESFP - An ESFP would almost invariably be good at a Support role, or, like in Final Fantasy Tactics, the Mediator role.
    - ISFP - ISFPs are hard, because it's hard to imagine them in a fight. They'd probably do something surprising though, like using Music to battle in some way.

    ENTJ - ENTJs would be your rank-and-file Commander style class, or, barring such a class in a party, I would say they lean towards the Dark Knight role.
    INTJ - INTJs would be Dark Knights or Mages of some sort - ruthless efficiency at the cost of one's soul. Ehehehe. Barring being completely evil, INTJs could also fit into a Tactician role, or a support character who specializes in hitting enemy weaknesses.
    ENTP - ENTPs would be Used Car Salesman NPCs. No party members could be ENTPs, and saying otherwise just makes you look foolish.
    INTP - Time Mages, no doubt about it.

    I didn't forget NFs, but my views on their classes is FAR TOO CONTROVERSIAL to post here.
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    Mage: INTP
    Master Thief/Trickster:ENTP
    Warlord/Darklord/Warmonger: ENTJ
    High priest/Bishop:ENFJ
    Seer: INFJ
    Warrior: ESTP
    Archer: ISFP
    Knight: ESTJ
    Soldier: ISTJ
    Monk: ISFJ
    Scribe/Tutor: ENFP
    "Where can you flee? What road will you use to escape us? Our horses are swift, our arrows sharp, our swords like thunderbolts, our hearts as hard as the mountains, our soldiers as numerous as the sand. Fortresses will not detain us, nor arms stop us. Your prayers to God will not avail against us. We are not moved by tears nor touched by lamentations."

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