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    Default The Secret Life of Bees

    Just saw this film featuring Dakota Fanning, Paul Bettany, Queen Latifah, and Alicia Keys. It's a very good piece of filmmaking... it's a hard movie to watch, but the acting is just excellent.

    Has anyone else out there seen this one?

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    I haven't seen it, but it's written by Sue Monk Kidd, who wrote the excellent, "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter." I'd like to see it at some point.

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    I saw it. Maybe a month ago. That Queen Latifah. She has some presence, doesn't she?

    Yes, it called for some emotional energy to watch. People who have read the book say that the written version is superior.
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    I know that this is slightly off topic... (On the OP All I can say is that I have heard of the fil amd would love to see it as it looks amazing) But do people always find the book better than the film? DO you think that this is because a book has more time to delve into the plot and characters... Or is it a form of snobbery towards the art that is film?! Just curious? Has anyone ever seens a film that was better than the written version or at least did it justice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    I saw it. Maybe a month ago. That Queen Latifah. She has some presence, doesn't she?
    Yes, she does... she owned the screen.

    But you know who else turned in a fantastic acting job? Paul Bettany as T. Ray.

    His character was ignorant, violent, full of rage, impossible to live with, and the kindest words he had for his daughter in the whole movie were a soft, lifeless "Happy birthday."

    And my heart just ached for him for the last third of the film.

    Bettany played a South Carolina redneck so convincingly you'd never believe he was an Englishman.

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