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    Default Battle of the mean ol' doctors: Cottle vs. House!

    First of all, why don't we have a Battlestar Galactica thread?

    Totally stole this one from Entertainment Weekly but when I read it I thought this is so true!!
    I can't say how much I love that Cottle has no problem smoking in his sick bay. Seriously, I want a Doc Cottle show. I'd take him cranking his way through patients over House any day. If Sci Fi is looking for a BSG spin-off, that's the one. Imagine Doc Cottle as the resident physician in the Colonial version of a Vegas casino. You're welcome, Sci Fi. You can send me the check at the office.
    There is something much more humane and sympathetic about Cottle even though he's just as much as a persnickety bastard as House. I stopped watching House around S3 when he was basting himself in his pain.

    So who's more ornery? House or Cottle?
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    I voted House, but it quite possibly was the most difficult decision I've ever made in my life.

    You have to keep in mind the nature of the shows. BSG is one of the deepest, most complex shows I've ever seen. Dr. Cottle reflects this. House, on the other hand, is a much more light-hearted show, and the characterization of Dr. House in turns reflects that.

    I chose House simply because I find the show entertaining over 5 seasons, and the 'artistic integrity' factor wasn't enough for me to overcome that. I still love Doc. Cottle, though.

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    Cottle, all the way! The man defines the word "grizzled."
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    Ok, now I must find out more about Doc Cottle. I caught an episode of BSG on TV for the first time the other day and thought it was pretty damn awesome, so maybe I should start watching the show.
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    I've never seen BSG, so I can't comment on relative orneryness, as the OP asks for. But I never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of House. So sing I shall.
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