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    Default Best Fight scenes of all time!

    I didn't see a thread for this, thusly it MUST be created....

    And by "best", I mean what fight scenes make you feel turn a little animalistic inside? Like wanna get up, pick up a 2 by 4 (or nearest and best weapon of choice) and just start swinging at random objects within your visual field?

    And please, don't post any silliness, or NF "I want this to be classified as a fight scene which shouldn't be but it will be cuz I'm so cute", or mockeries or anything! Only jizztastic fight scenes that make a man want to assault things belong in this thread. (also don't spam the thread with tons of suggestions that no one will click, only what you think are the BEST fight scenes)

    These are my favs and I've watched each 50 times at least:

    [YOUTUBE=""]300 - Immortals Battle[/YOUTUBE]
    I love that one just because of that sword-through-the arm part... It makes me happy in the pantsy. The event SEEMS rediculus but if you know anatomy, you know that as long as the bone/muscle remain intact, functionality of the arm remains (although you'd be dead from blood loss w/in minutes. It's the kind of unexpected thing you would expect in real combat w/ ancient/mideval weaponry.

    And my All time fav: Neo vs. Smiths in Reloaded:

    [YOUTUBE=""]OMG watch this if you haven't[/YOUTUBE]

    The choreography and Kung Fu here is fuckin' immaculate and perfect.......and nothing has made me malegasm more in my entire life than to see neo pick up a pole you'd find at any playground and just start owning ass all over the damn place. Best. Fight. Evar.

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    I'm not especially big fan of fight films, but this is probably my most favorite scene
    YouTube - Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story - Luke Sun vs Bruce Lee
    "Johnny Sun's younger brother Luke Sun (Ong Soo Han) crashes the Thailand movie set of 'The Big Boss' and challenges Bruce in order to avenge his family's honor. "

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    Here are three that come to mind.

    Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Best of part 1
    I used to go to their movies as a kid.

    Steven Seagal in Out For Justice, Bar Scene

    So cocky

    Jackie Chan Drunken Master 2

    So skillful.
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    It's hard to top this one:

    Kickboxer 4 bar fight
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    Well I was gona put this in my blog, but then I came across this thread. I feel its appropriate here.

    [YOUTUBE="ZxqLptwaW6g"]Sick KO's[/YOUTUBE]

    The last scene, with wrestling was stupid but its the only vid I could find that has one of my favorite knock outs of all time. Watch the guy at 0:42, he has the record for throwing the fastest punchs in MMA currently. Something like over 80 per minute, its insane!

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    Okay, I have two that come to mind. Ones that I watched over and over and made me go "I wish I could do that..."

    First one:

    The lobby gun fight from the Matrix. While not as epic as the Neo vs. Smiths fight, it still makes me want to run up walls and shoot that crap out of shit.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Matrix Lobby Scene[/YOUTUBE]

    Second one:

    The battle at Amon Hen at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring. Have watched (and played in those GameCube LOTR games) this battle so many times.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Amon Hen Battle[/YOUTUBE]
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    All criticisms aside, the new Star Wars trilogy brought back childhood memories of the original Star Wars trilogy as I sat in the movie theater. I thought this was a particularly cool fight scene, CG and all.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Yoda vs. Count Dooku in Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones[/YOUTUBE]
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    [YOUTUBE="u2c-YuMp5W4"]Prepare yourself[/YOUTUBE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    All criticisms aside, the new Star Wars trilogy brought back childhood memories of the original Star Wars trilogy as I sat in the movie theater. I thought this was a particularly cool fight scene, CG and all.
    For Star Wars fight scenes, I have to go with this one:
    [YOUTUBE=""]Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul[/YOUTUBE]

    and, although it's a parody (warning:LOTS of cartoon violence in it):
    [YOUTUBE=" E2A9C&playnext=1&index=3"]Peter vs. Ernie the Chicken, Part 3[/YOUTUBE]

    Of course, Family Guy has a ton of these sorts of these parody-fights.

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