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    I love how they dive behind Kant to avoid ever reaching the unacceptable conclusions that are directly in front of them. Rarely is it so obvious. Nothing means anything, so we don't have to question our values when they are confronted by reality... Actually, anyone who didn't stop to appreciate what the authors know is true beauty is of questionable morality.

    I see this as experimental evidence that the appeal of most popular art rests solely on the fact that people are told they are suppose to appreciate it - without that direction people will choose forms of art based on their individual experience and judgment. "Framing" is a nice euphemism for cultural indoctrination.

    No worries: Since I don't usually enjoy classical music, I'm clearly the spawn of satan, so you can safely ignore my meaningless observations. Although, I'll confess to a weakness: Like what he's doing or not, the guy is clearly very skilled, and that's something I do appreciate!

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