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    Unhappy My Poem: The Cry of the Unborn Daughter

    This is a poem I wrote, just for the heck of it.. Feel free to comment and tell me of what you guys think. LIke I said, I just wrote it out of inspiration to past political events.


    Mother 'O' Mother

    Why isn't my life worth living?

    Mother 'O' Mother

    Why can others lives

    be deemed more important

    Then Mine?

    Don't my eyes deserve to see

    the wonders of this world?

    From the radiant colors of the butterflies,

    Fluttering from flower to flower on a

    Warm summers day;

    To the twinkling of the stars, brightening

    this winter's Sky.

    Why are my eyes denied these pleasures,

    in which you have observed?

    Oh how I wish to feel

    That spring dew, alongs my little feet,

    As I take my first steps in discoving this

    New Strange world.

    I wonder what it must feel like to feel:

    That cool, crisp autumn breeze, stroking

    against my body like sheets on a bed.

    Why am I denied these things,

    in which you have felt?

    Don't I get to enjoy the pleasure

    of these things?

    MOther 'O' Mother

    What does a newley ripen strawberry

    Taste like?

    How about the cool sensation of a springs water, trinkling

    Down your parched troat or the sweetness from a piece of

    Dark Chocolate?

    Don't I deserve to discover the "Taste" of these things, In which

    you have experienced?

    Mother 'O' Mother

    what does a scented candle smell like?

    What does a thansgiving spread smell like, especially the turkey?

    You have smelled these things,

    in which I have not, why is that?

    Mother 'O' Mother

    The birds singing their morning melodies,

    what does that sound like?

    My future husband's loving Vow of

    "I do"

    What does that sound like?


    Why don't my ears have the pleasure

    to listen, To the things in which you have or will?

    Mother, You will never have the pleasure in

    Answering me these things because

    "I do not exist"!

    You and others have deemed my life as:

    a mistake, misfortune or an inconvience.

    THerefore, you have chosen to forfeit my life,

    So your life is free of me.

    I Must ask mother:

    why have you chosen, to make this decision?

    Don't you want to "observe" the smile on my face,

    as you say goodmorning to me?

    Don't you want to "feel" my hair

    inbetween your fingers, as you stroke

    my head softly?

    Don't you want to "taste",

    my soft and genuine kiss, against your lips?

    Don't you want to witness,

    My new born baby "Smell", as you

    hold me tightly against your chest?

    Mother, My final question is :

    "Don't you want to "Hear"

    my future husband saying with love

    "I Do"?!

    Mother, Sadly I say with truth :

    "You'll never have the pleasure,

    in experiencing these things with me".

    I weep for you, because

    I never had the chance to show and say

    my love for you.........
    "People often Find out the truth, when its too late!!!"

    Introverted (I) 78.79% Intuitive (N) 61.54% Feeling (F) 65.85% Judging (J) 60.53%

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    Very good poem. Here's a similar poem I know of:

    "I too had love to give"
    Rick Christensen

    I'd have been there for you
    when you were grey and old
    Now all that you will have
    is pain and remorse untold.

    Was it not in Earthly pleasure
    that you and daddy made me?
    Was it not in Earthly treasure
    that farewell that you bade me?

    When you killed me, no tears,
    just a sigh of relief.
    But one day, dearest mother,
    you will know the deepest grief.

    Why was I not adopted?
    Could not somebody else enjoy
    watching me grow up to be
    a delightful girl or boy?

    Why did you slay me, mother?
    Why not let me live?
    You would have loved me, mother,
    I too had Love to give.

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