Below is the canned invitation....

But really, it is a very adicting (I started yesterday, and am hooked) Massively Multi-Player, and I would like to have people I kind-of know involved in the game.

Also, if you use the link below, I get a referal credit (shameless plug).
Alpha - Astro Empires

To be in somewhat the same vicnity as me, go to Alpha server and chose A53 as your starting location. I am region 41, system 89. I have colonized a rocky moon of the first planet there.

So when you're able to make scouts, send 'em that way.

I also started a guild for newbies, called the "Newbie Trading Guild," (with its very own forum) of which I am the founding (and so far only) member. It'd be fun to have guild members I know in other contexts.

Oh, did I mention, the game is free and does not require a's got an old school feel to it, and it's not a tactical game or click-fest game like ohter so-called "strategy" games.

Just looking to make some strategy game friends.

Here is the canned invite

I'm playing Astro Empires at the moment and i must say it is a very nice game!
You don't have to install anything at all. Just sign up and you are good to go.
The best part is that it is completely free!!!

Though be warned it is addictive

Game link: Alpha - Astro Empires

My nickname in game is "ygolo"

Best Regards,