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View Poll Results: How many actual fights have you been in?

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    Senior Member matmos's Avatar
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    Mar 2008


    As a teenager, I had a lot of fights. Hundreds actually, but fairly rule-based (no gouging, kicking in the balls, knives, etc.)

    Ah, nostalgia.

    Haven't done much fisty-cuffs lately, though. The last time I clunked someone my hand hurt for a week. Knocked the bugger out, though.

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    Following on from my earlier post, I think I have a good new definition of an idiot: someone who thinks that a person who can block half a dozen intended punches to their head in succession and is still remaining calm and trying to reason with you will NOT do something rather more harmful back when they finally lose patience with the ridiculous situation. It's a very stupid thing to confuse forbearance with weakness :rolli:

    He's apparantly walking around with a face like a lemon now (possibly in more senses than one; I didn't enquire too closely) which really does serve him right. I just wish I could have got more satisfaction from the situation. I appear to be so lacking in that aggressive, mean streak, that I can't even enjoy defeating someone who was really, seriously, trying to do me some unprovoked harm
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