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    Well I have a lunch bet on the Cardinals now so they better win. I can already taste the victory tacos.
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    I hope the Steelers win 99-0.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    I would prefer to see the Cardinals win. The last thing the world needs is growth in Steelers fans already over-inflated egos. Plus, I used to be a Cardinals fan back when I was a kid, when they were in St. Louis, before Bidwell moved the team to Arizona.
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    I'm going for Cardinals.

    Ben Graham used to captain the team I go for in the Australian Football, and kick the ball insane distances. His longest kick in a game was 85 metres (93 yards), which with an Australian Football is almost unheard of. It's awesome to see him as the first Aussie in the superbowl.

    I normally watch the superbowl, but don't have a team I follow.
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