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    by Audrey Castellanos rip.May 26, 2006

    i dont even know where to begin with this entry

    i am just so fed up, so angry, so frustrated

    that so many womyn are assualted

    over and over and over

    and nothing is being done about it


    so many times ive heard of friends being raped,assaulted or molested

    at first i thought i was the only one

    and then you realize


    its almost inevitable

    and its not just womyn being raped or sexually assaulted

    its nothing being done about it

    womyn are too afraid too talk

    and then when they get the courage they feel it is too late

    but its not

    i know its fucking hard to speak up

    i never did

    until years later

    and even so

    i still didnt to my family, parents, police, school

    and the same reason i didnt speak up is the same reason many womyn dont speak up

    they are afraid, afraid its their own fault

    afraid to admit that it happend to them

    afraid to admit it, because we always see the story of a girl trying to prosecute a rapist and how its such a long hard struggle that is hardly ever won

    its bad enough for a womyn to feel as if its her fault, but to have society tell her its her fault also is just devastating

    so many times, society makes us believe that we ASKED for it

    who the fuck asks to get raped?

    people NEED to speak up

    rapists get lesser sentences than drug dealers

    and then when its been too long people feel its too late

    but its not

    you can educate and reach out to others

    and the sad thing is

    society creates this illusion of a rapist

    this mysterious guy who lurks at night in alley ways

    if thats fucking true then why do most womyn get raped by someone they know in places they are aqcuainted with?

    that whole stranger in an alley is bullshit.

    why is it boyfriends, family members, 'friends', why is it them doing the RAPING?

    in schools, in your own home, at parties, everywhere but the alleys!

    im so fucking sick of this shit

    and i feel so fucking hopeless

    as a womyn

    what the fuck can we do

    this whole system is so screwed up

    i just want to pick up a fucking gun and shoot the bastards

    that is how much anger and hatred lies within me

    and you know the worst part

    the worst part is that these womyn

    if not physically affected, will forever be psychologically affected.

    and then they try to blame it on the wommyn for being drunk, or wearing skimpy clothes, or beginning sexual actions but then stopping

    why the fuck do guys think that no means yes


    N fucking O!

    and if she is drunk, and she cant say NO it is still RAPE

    she has no idea what is going on

    and being drunk is not a fucking invitation

    neither is my short skirt

    or my interest in you

    it is not the womyns fault

    it is not her short skirts fault

    it is not the alcohols fault

    it is only HIS fault

    and thats the key thing to remember

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    Though it doesn't lessen the issue, this seems more like a diary entry than a poem.

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