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    Default Favorite Documentaries anyone?

    I love love love

    The Corporation
    Who Killed the Electric Car
    Hacking Democracy
    God Grew Tired of Us
    Supersize Me and actually his 30 Days episode where he and his wfie did a special on living on minimun wage
    I know there are others that I just haven't thought of, and some that I have excitedly yet to see like I can't wait to rent Ralph Nader-An Unreasonable Man

    I also love Christopher Guest's Mockumentaries that he has made
    This is Spinal Tap
    Best in Show
    A Mighty Wind

    Wating for Guffman was okay
    and For Your Consideration was very disappointing

    Anyone else into Documentaries?
    If so which ones have you really enjoyed?
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    The Trap - What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom?

    It's on Google videos somewhere...unfortunately it's woefully over-ambitious and as a result tries to tie far too many disparate threads together in a short space of time, but it contains some very interesting material nonetheless.

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    I don't know their names sadly, my memory fails me on certain details, but any documentary about greek mythology, egyptology, archeology, god such as The root of all evil etc, the walking with dinosaurs and walking with beasts series, the deep blue series and stuff like that.
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    Brother's Keeper
    The Thin Blue Line
    Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room
    Roger & Me

    But my favorite ever probably doesn't count because it wasn't a theatrical film, it was a miniseries on PBS...Cosmos

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    Genghis Blues
    Rivers and Tides-Andy Goldsworthy working with time.
    American Movie
    Born Into Brothels
    Buena Vista Social Club
    Winged Migration

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    BBC one called "Rainforest"..
    sparkly sparkly rainbow excretions

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    The World at War is a superlative documentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RootBall View Post
    Rivers and Tides-Andy Goldsworthy working with time.
    Good choice.

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    Chris Ryan's - Survival Guides

    The Road to Guantanamo (2006)

    Road To Guantanamo

    In this compelling docudrama by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross, the 'Tipton Three' narrate their own experiences in America's controversial offshore detention camp The Road To Guant

    6 - Stephen Hawking's Universe

    This man is truly the greatest thinker of our time.

    Seeing is Believing

    Big Bang

    Cosmic Alchemy

    On the Dark Side

    Black Holes and Beyond

    An Answer to Everything

    Each one's is about an hour long, but worth it.

    Elegant Universe

    In this excerpt from his book The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene explains why string theory might hold the key to unifying the four forces of nature.

    Beginning with a brief consideration of classical physics, which concentrates on the major conflicts in physics, Greene establishes an historical context for string theory as a necessary means of integrating the probabilistic world of the standard model of particle physics and the deterministic Newtonian physics of the macroscopic world. Greene discusses the essential problem facing modern physics: unification of Einstein's theory of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Greene suggests that string theory is the solution to these two conflicting approaches. Greene uses frequent analogies and mental experiments to provide a means for the layman to come to terms with the theory which has the potential to create a unified theory of physics.

    A 3 hour documentary. Can be viewed at: NOVA | The Elegant Universe | Watch the Program | PBS

    For those who cant play real media or quick time: YouTube - The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (1/5)

    A must watch. You would find it extremely entertaining and educational at the same time.

    Ottomans: Empire of Faith:
    Islam: Empire of Faith - Part 3


    A BBC 4 Documentary- In this first ever television history of disbelief, Jonathan Miller goes on a journey exploring the origins of his own lack of belief and uncovering the hidden story of atheism.

    Each documentary is arnd 60 mins long where Miller is seeking answers abt atheism and questions religion. :dunno:

    Part 1 - Shadows of Doubt - Jonathan Miller visits the absent Twin Towers to consider the religious implications of 9/11 and meets Arthur Miller and the philosopher Colin McGinn. He searches for evidence of the first 'unbelievers' in Ancient Greece and examines some of the modern theories around why people have always tended to believe in mythology and magic.


    Part 2: Noughts and Crosses -With the domination of Christianity from 500 AD, Jonathan Miller wonders how disbelief began to re-emerge in the 15th and 16th centuries. He discovers that division within the Church played a more powerful role than the scientific discoveries of the period. He also visits Paris, the home of the 18th century atheist, Baron D'Holbach, and shows how politically dangerous it was to undermine the religious faith of the masses.


    Part 3: The Final Hour - The history of disbelief continues with the ideas of self-taught philosopher Thomas Paine, the revolutionary studies of geology and the evolutionary theories of Darwin. Jonathan Miller looks at the Freudian view that religion is a 'thought disorder'. He also examines his motivation behind making the series touching on the issues of death and the religious fanaticism of the 21st century.

    The History Channel: Warrior Empire - The Mughals (2006)

    WARRIOR EMPIRE: THE MUGHALS is a sweeping, in-depth portrait of India's most colorful, violent, and majestic era. From 1526 to 1858, this dynasty of nomadic warriors indulged their appetite for territorial expansion, spreading their rule throughout the Indian subcontinent. Though they conquered their kingdom with crushing brutality, the Mughals were also brilliant technological innovators and masters of art and architecture. This program offers lush, detailed images of Mughal accomplishments such as the glorious Taj Mahal, palaces, forts, water systems, elaborate gardens, and richly crafted artwork. Step-by-step scientific recreations of advanced Mughal metallurgy and weaponry show the meticulous production of chain mail armor for a battalion of elephants, lethally flexible composite bows, rocketry, and swordsmith techniques passed down through the generations, and still alive today. Join us for an enthralling history of the inventive warfare, material excess, architectural marvels, and cultural flowering that shaped modern India.

    Link: Mughals

    Who wrote the Bible?

    Description: Awesome documentary narrated and written by Professor of Theology Robert Beckford. In this film, Beckford, a committed christian believer, began a journey to search for the answer of who wrote the Bible. In his journey he discovered some "earth shattering" information that has caused him doubt some of his most held religious beliefs.

    A must watch....This film, as far as I know, has never aired here in the US and probably never will.

    Link: Who wrote the bible? Why? To control whom?

    Length ~ 1hr 44 mins

    The Doomsday Code

    Channel 4 does another great documentary...its about the Apocalypse (or Doomsday, whatever one wishes to call it).

    Reading the synopsis should get you psyched to watch it.Channel 4 - Faith and belief - The Doomsday Code

    Tony Robinson travels to America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa to gather evidence that might uncover the realities behind ... all
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    Space [2001]

    Editorial Review: ~

    Space is a visually impressive six-part popular science series from the BBC that follows their runaway successes Walking with Dinosaurs and The Planets into the realm of lavish computer animation. In a stroke of inspired casting Jurassic Park's Sam Neill (no stranger to acting alongside CGI effects) is our earthbound anchor, and he takes the viewer on journeys across the universe in each half-hour segment, thanks to some nifty special effects. Like Carl Sagan's pioneering Cosmos from 1980, Space delves in to the mysteries of how stars and planets were created; but unlike Sagan's visionary and optimistic view of cosmic wonders, Space is astronomy for the Age of Anxiety, revealing with terrifying clarity and in graphic detail how fortunate we are to exist at all, and how it could all end at any moment as a result of space-bound monsters like rogue comets and asteroids that might crash into our planet; or, the worst horror of the universe, wandering black holes that could tear our sun apart.

    Even if we survive these implacable cosmic forces bent on our destruction, viewers will not be reassured to be told that the sun is doomed anyway, and its inevitable death will swallow our planet whole (but not before burning it to a crisp first). Finally, the series finds cause for faint optimism with Star Trek-style speculations on the development of Ion-drive and solar-powered spaceships, terraforming new worlds and wormhole technology that might, just might, allow humanity to escape from a doomed Earth and seek refuge somewhere else in the galaxy. A series that sheds light on both the secrets of the universe and, implicitly, the anxious state of our new millennial society, Space is a compelling combination of popular astronomy and really, really scary cosmology. --Mark Walker

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Episode 1: Star Stuff

    Star Stuff How the Universe was made, from the Big Bang to the human body.

    Run Time ~ 30 mins.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Episode 2: Staying Alive
    The Universe is a dangerous place. This programme investigates our survival in space. Although you can't see asteroids with the naked eye, all a good pair of binoculars or a small telescope will help you to spot them.

    Run Time ~ 30 mins

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Episode 3 Black Holes

    Black holes are the Universe's ultimate monsters, sucking everything into their super-dense centres.

    Black holes were once thought to be all the monsters of the Universe, devouring everything around them in a frenzied cosmic feast. But now astronomers think that rather than being a space menace, black holes may be fundamental to the creation of galaxies.

    Black holes are regions of space where gravity is so strong that not even light can escape, making them impossible to see. But we can see the stuff that is being sucked in to these massive cosmic vacuum cleaners. Anything that approaches a black hole is first torn apart by its immense gravitational force and then forms a flat rotating disc that spirals into the hole.

    Run Time ~ 30 mins.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Episode 4 Are We Alone?

    There are over four hundred thousand million stars in our Galaxy alone. Where do we start looking for life?

    With hundreds of telescopes all now involved in the SETI programme, there is lots of data to look through. Spotting strong signals is easy, but finding a weak signal takes lots of computer time.

    Run Time ~ 30 Mins.


    Episode 5 - New Worlds

    How could humans migrate from planet Earth? Before you leave Mars is closer in temperature to Earth than any of the other all planet in the Solar System. But don't let this catch you off your guard. Mars' weather is even more unpredictable than our own.

    We recommend a summer visit, when the temperature can reach a pleasant 27

    Nova: This Old Pyramid

    Nova: Lost Treasure of Tibet

    Nova: Life and Death in a War Zone

    The John Glenn Story

    Story of the Hoover Dam

    OK, I have 100s more. Can't be asked posting more.
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