A scene between two guys ( a mob boss and a very young male ..."protege", for lack of a better word ) - The mob boss is advising the young man on how to figure out if a new girlfriend is a selfish person or someone solid he should maybe stick with -
YouTube - A Bronx Tale (Lillo Brancato, Chazz Palminteri) clips
Do you think there are merits to this "door test" ?

Second aspect of thread - the young man who played the part of the protege grew up, and let his cinematic fame go to his head, unfortunately. This might not need to have led to a bad end, but it did....too bad. I liked the movie and came away from it liking the young actor, too, at the time. What a shame to read this...Discuss
The Lost Soprano - How Lillo Brancato Went From On-Screen Tough Guy to Real Life Cop Killer - New York Magazine