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    If in Halo 3, my brother drags me along to theater mode, he makes me watch the film frame by frame. I then go through the rest of the day feeling like I'm in fast forwards.

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    I've played enough video games that every once in awhile I'll catch myself thinking, "Oh well, if something goes wrong I'll just open the last save file and try again." I'm especially prone to think that about things like car crashes and homicide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauche View Post
    Well, I'll tell you my experiences, so what I'm talking about:
    Several years ago I was an avid player of Counter Strike. And what happened to me? One day during holidays, maybe after 4 hours of gaming, I went from my house, and when I was passing the corner of wall, I instinctively suspiciously looked over the corner, like terrorist should have been there. Like ingame.
    Yesterday, I was playing Warrock several hours, and spent a lot of time in helicopters (you know, Im getting used to flying in them). And now I just noticed that my vision is somehow being pulled to side now and then.. like the helicopter rolling to the side.
    I freaked out when i was playing City of Heroes all the time.

    One of my characters had superleap as a travel power, and on my way to work, when I'd pass the business park (set down below the road, which was elevated), I'd find myself automatically calculating which roofs I could jump from to get to the other ones. Uggh... it was REALLY weird!
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