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    *bump* (I'm looking to hear about new board game trends, or to be reminded of games I've forgotten about.)

    I used to love scrabble, but I'm currently want for people who will play it.

    The games I have been able to get people to play:

    cards (mostly)
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    ^I love Scrabble, but like you am not able to find anyone who wants to play / is around my level (only my brother is)

    Newest game I've played and really like is Dominion. Also like Pandemic and Smallworld. There's also a game called Netrunner which I only played once, but liked it. Would need to play it more to get a better sense of it though.

    Older games I played growing up and liked / that aren't all board games are - Cribbage, Backgammon, Boggle, Rummikub, Balderdash
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    I will second Dominion. It was very useful (for awhile) to use to reconnect to my wife during her post partum depression. With numerous expansions, the bakery is near endless. Moreover, experienced players can finish a game on 15 minutes, so you can rapidly start another.

    If you are unaware of the entire euro gaming scene, it is pretty good. As mentioned previously, Settlers of Cataan is great, as is Pandemic. Too many to list here but other good ones, depending on your taste, include Ticket To Ride, San Juan, Race to the Galaxy, Alhambra, Fresco, and many many more.

    These games are fun, interactive, creative, and replayable.

    Much better than watching TV.....

    Some games can be played successfully by young children, even, but really fun for adults.
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    warhammer 40k
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    Risk, Chess, Monopoly, Orient Express, Voyage en Europe

    Favourite non-board games: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective; Jenga; Yahtzee; cards (anyone up for a game of Basset?)

    I played Connect 4 for the first time in years, and it's challenging. The concept is beautifully simple, but lining up the counters, and trying to stop the s.o.b. opposite me (I mean, my esteemed friend and colleague) from doing likewise, is tricky.

    Scrabble's boring; too many bad memories of playing it with my family on long, dreary evenings, trying to make a word out of XQVLSNB.

    Speaking of which: a search for "Scrabble boring" turns up this essay: Literary Escort Services, which is a splendid demonstration of insanity. I quote:

    "Scrabble is fundamentally totalitarian and colonial; it presupposes exactly the same attitude about language that has kept oppressed the poor and the culturally marginal."

    And goes on to say that dictionaries are fascist.

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    Monopoly is the best. Risk, Life, and Clue are also really fun. Pokemon Master Trainer (the 90s edition) was hella. So hella that I wanted my own copy as an adult because as a kid I played my friend's... Those things go for $100. I totally bought it.
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    Has anyone heard of Galaxy Trucker? It's crazy fun. You build ships from all these little chips (with engines, lasers, human & alien crew, etc), try to make the most money transporting goods, and hope you don't get hit by meteors. I'm thinking it was probably inspired by Firefly.

    It's too bad development of Cones of Dunshire appears to not be a thing anymore...
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    We hold game nights pretty regularly. Since we have a constant rotation of people in and out, we stick to games that are easy to learn. These aren't necessarily board games. There are some card games in there, too.

    Dominion, man. Enough said.

    Chess, man. Enough said.

    Fluxx | Looney Labs
    Fluxx. You change the rules of the game with cards in your hand as you go along. You might change the number of cards that can be drawn or even the victory conditions. I have the Zombie Fluxx expansion. Very cool.

    Zombie Dice
    Zombie Dice is really, really simple. It's a "press your luck" kind of game, where you roll some dice, keep some that you want, maybe trying to roll some more, until you mess up and muck up your whole turn. The only equipment needed is the set of dice.

    Can't Stop
    Can't Stop is another press your luck kind of game. Keep rolling dice until you're satisfied or until you screw up all the progress you made on that turn. (I used this as an example in class to showcase the triangular distribution that pops out of having two dice.)

    Blueprints. You have a blueprint for a building that you construct out of dice, stacking them and laying them side by side. Grab a die from the pile and go. There's some strategery involved, because different colors of dice score differently, etc.

    Exploding Kittens - A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats
    Exploding Kittens isn't simply a novelty game; it's legit fun. Cards are drawn by the Oatmeal guy.

    Munchkins. Hard-ish to explain, but I think it's been covered in this thread.
    Citadels. Each player has a different "role" and they're all different but balanced. The goal is to earn or steal money, and build up a kingdom of your own, or fuck up someone else's kingdom.

    Puerto Rico
    Your mileage may vary, but some people like it. Had to hit my friend up in messenger to recall what it was about.
    what was that stupid game we used to play where you traded like hay and shit using boats

    you mean corn?

    i dont know, like you manufactured hay and other materials and shit and shipped them on boats

    puerto rico?

    yeah corn whatever
    yea thats it

    great game
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    Enjoy anygame. Just found a couple that enjoys board games so we have setup a game night and learn different games. The other guy really likes games so he has a ton that he hasn't vendors played yet. He seems IxFJ
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poki View Post
    Enjoy anygame. Just found a couple that enjoys board games so we have setup a game night and learn different games. The other guy really likes games so he has a ton that he hasn't vendors played yet. He seems IxFJ
    our game night couple moved away we did go on a short vacation with them a while back and actually spent one night of it playing games with one another though (can't exactly say that they were all board games, because little score keeping boards aren't exactly what I'd call a board) and I made everyone mad by winning the tv and movie trivia game that we played when both of the guys had been talking up how they were the best! Haven't played any recently though because yeah, they moved away

    I still love risk (went back and saw how I had responded before!) but rarely get to play it because it can take FOREVER (and on that note, always enjoyed playing axis and allies as well, though somehow I always ended up as russia and kept yelling at the west to open up a western front, which made me feel unnervingly Stalin-ish)

    we played Bang! all of the time in college for the last few years that I was there (which is why you don't join a chemistry fraternity... you'll end up taking up nerd hobbies... I was once much cooler!) and had way too much fun with that to the point where parties would devolve into either Bang! or

    catchphrase... which isn't really a board game, but we spent vast amounts of time playing it to the point where we actually had to buy another version because we'd kind of memorized the one we had playing games was easier than talking I guess

    any trivia game that's not some odd niche trivia game tends to please me because I love trivia in general

    and clue... as long as I don't start thinking out loud while playing (have done that before) I kick ass at clue!
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