Encroach into Corruption

No words, love, nor empathy hold hope to penetrate
the chains that subdue your winged heart's escape
that guards your heart from knowing anything merrier
the most wicked and cruel of scathing barriers

What once was nigh and has traveled so far
to conceal itself behind the guard of iron bars
What does it take, would it be a mistake?
To break through the barricades for not even a mate?

Yet the more I reach for this sacred treasure
risking my being with every measure
Like you will I grow into something so cold?
Til I exist no more, but in the days of old?

No this elusive bane is not mine to save
To take on such a task is of fool hearty knaves
Though I find such distaste in not moving to replace
the impenetrable doors that hide your true grace

Cast headlong into a gale wind that haunts from within
Sweeps away inane seekers to the land of mortal sin
Against deities sworn to cast sweetened arrows
a cascade of fire purifying trespassers down to the marrow

To find your beating heart once more is thy only goal
To traverse down the path that the damned would behold
When I reach your heart will mine meet destruction?
Or will we find the joint bliss in my own corruption?