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    Default Cleansed and Devoured

    White striped cat with silver eyes
    washes clean its exuberant fur with pride
    So pure for every man to see
    its grace and beauty
    a coat of pure glee

    Upon the end of his days the cat decides
    to journey to heaven where jubilation resides
    He knocks the gates of souls that rise
    to enter the sanctum, welcomed inside

    And the joy was great, and the peacefulness grand
    All the cat's greatest dreams delivered by God's hand
    And yet there was a stir, trouble amidst
    for the next to come knocking the gates was a darkness amiss

    It knocks, and it rams, and demands to let in
    To tear down the heavens its resolve does begin
    Not to be turned away from its goal
    the heavens would ask "What desire does it hold?!"

    "To right the wrongs and the pain." it would say
    to take its abandoner, and whisk it away
    Alas the angels who harbored the cat for a time
    cast him down a great fall, for darkness obliged

    For the heavens could neither bear nor withstand where they lay
    the wrathful might of the pain washed away
    And what once was cleansed to seek a new home
    did return to its master to devour him whole...

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    I like it =]
    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

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