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    Question Trauma Center and other [DS] Games

    Trauma Center - Under the Knife
    Sooo I was playing that Game for the first Time today and thought it was pretty cool. For those who don't know it, let me explain it really quickly.

    You are some Noob Doctor working in a Hospital and you have to do all Sorts of Operations. The first Time the Nurse helps you out with Hints and Step-by-Step Tutorials but after you did the OP once you are pretty much on your own. Hehe.
    You have 5 Minutes to solve the Problem and uhm later on you also need to watch out the Pulse of the Patient.
    So you have to cut, sew, desinfect, massage and whatever other Things you can do on a DS Touch Screen.

    Now my Question...does Anyone know that Game or maybe play it?
    Why do you or why don't you? =)

    Also: what are your favorite DS Games?
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    ESTP? o.O

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