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    im into metal and indie, i like the dark angriness and passion of metal.

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    I like jazz, classical, blues, and rock (mostly punk, indie and/or shoegazer stuff, like the 4AD label, etc.)

    My tastes change all the time, as to what I feel like listening to, but I never like country or rap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    I'm totally making this up as I go along but I hypothesize that taste in music is correlated with at least F/T and J/P (or, in terms of function theory, whether one's judgment function is Ti, Te, Fi or Fe). I propose that:

    - Ti types are predisposed to analytical/satirical music.
    - Te types are predisposed to powerful/commanding music.
    - Fi types are predisposed to heartfelt/passionate music.
    - Fe types are predisposed to charming/persuasive music.

    By this rationale, the fans incarnate of the following bands would be:

    - Bloodhound Gang: XXTP (Full disclosure: I once dated an ISTP megafan.)
    - Rammstein: XXTJ (Enough said.) (Although the band might have to be categorized differently for German speakers.)
    - Depeche Mode: XXFP
    - U2: XXFJ

    There is no need to post disconfirmatory data of the "I listen to <insert band> and I'm an X" sort as I am fully aware that no one listens to only one kind of music. However, disconfirmatory data of the "I'm an X and I don't listen to <insert corresponding kind of music>" will be appreciated, as will refinement of this quick 'n' dirty hypothesis.
    First of all, I'm INFJ (most likely) and I don't listen to much U2. Secondly, I've actually come up with my own rationale in terms of correlation between type, and interest in music. An interesting anecdote on this is that I actually had these ideas in mind awhile ago, however, after chatting w/ another INFJ friend of mine - who I consider to be well-versed w/in the MBTI - who ended up discrediting my ideas, I scrapped them (at least to some degree). This thread has definitely piqued and renewed my interest though however, and I'm glad to share this with people who are receptive to the idea.

    Anyhow, my rationale is based upon the I/E preference, and the information gathering function (S/N). I know that makes little sense in terms of Jungian theory but from a completely objective and empirical standpoint (derived from my experience) it fits. The rationale is as follows:

    -ES types are most likely to follow mainstream music.
    -EN types will most likely follow mainstream music but really get into it for the sake of the message involved rather than simply fitting in w/ friends or some boorish prospects such as tempo and the like. They'll also probably be more receptive to more obscure forms of music if they're exposed to it as opposed to their S counterparts.
    -IN types will most likely identify w/ the counter-culture. INTs (particularly Js) are very likely to get into metal. INFPs will probably get into extremely sentimental and/or experimental type music (by sentimental I mean things more like complex folk rather than emo). INFJs are generally pretty unpredictable w/in that regard other than the general rule of identifying w/ the counter-culture.
    -IS types (with the exception of ISFPs) are most likely to either have a mild ES disposition if you will (they'll follow mainstream music, generally most likely only verified by friends) or really not get into music at all unless they're musicians themselves.
    -ISFPs are pretty much wild cards from my experience. I really don't know what to say there. To be fair I've been exposed to them the least really as opposed to any type most likely, so I'm a bad gauge w/in that regard.

    If anyone was also curious what type of music I'm into btw, I'm actually into alternative, classic rock, classic pop, indie folk, virtually any sub-genre of metal, (and I mean real metal, not nu-metal or hard or metalcore) with that said I do enjoy a little hard and metalcore, jazz, blues, intellectual hip hop, classical, baroque, funk, a little electronic, adult alternative/contemporary, 80's rock, and 90's rock.

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    The way I see it, ISFPs simply like to rebel for the sake of rebelling. They seem to be the most vain.

    I'm personally a fan of black metal, NSBM, and classical. I usually don't like music that has coherent words, which is probably why I like black metal. Black metal tends to be a journey for me and goes beyond the comprehension of words.

    I like certain mainstream bands such as Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein, though I don't know if you'd exactly call them mainstream. I also like Marilyn Manson and some Cradle of Filth and Gothic rock in general.

    I'm also into trance music, because it's very abstract, as well.

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    I tend to like classic rock, and a little bit of folk well as jazz, blues, and soundtracks from movies and certain anime shows(I like to relive the experience, while at the same time creating my own mental movie to the music). Jazz makes me feel the most at "home" when I listen to it.

    I used to like metal, but I find that it just makes me feel really drained and tired whenever I listen to it. Or, to be more specific, it feels just like I went to a huge party with way too many people and got berated and alienated all the while.

    I have to say that the particular bands I listen to are heavily influenced by the people closest to me. What they listen to is probably what I'll end up listening to...merely because they'll suggest I give the band a listen, and the songs will grow on me. (Though there are many places where a line is drawn.)

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    Things I have/enjoy on my playlist (in rough order of preference, aka the order in which I thought of them):

    -anything with intricate piano/keyboarding melodies
    -prog rock
    -classic rock
    -metal, but rocky metal, not screamy metal
    -some classical
    -some alternative rock, punk, pop, hiphop, rap, etc etc (ie radio music)
    -soundtracks from musicals
    -some indie
    -some folk/celtic
    -some techno
    -some country
    -some blues
    -some jazz
    -some opera

    I'm not sure that there's a genre I don't have. If there is, I'll probably check it out when I get around to it. Most (all?) of my music is recommended/stolen from friends, but I have friends with very different tastes so I have a good mix. Love my music.

    I'm not sure about all this mainstream/counter culture/underground/whatever garbage. I don't listen to music because I want to fit into some subculture, I listen to music because, obviously, it sounds good. I have more mainstream stuff, just because I've heard more of it.

    Oh. As for the OP, I think music preferences depend on personality, for sure...type is only one facet though, and while there probably will be similarities, I doubt there's enough of a trend to make predictions based on type.
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    Wow! I'm not very well versed in Jungian types yet (though I am slowly learning more each day), so I think I was getting in a little over my head when I started this topic. The merging of music and psychology is a fascinating subject, and seeing all these different thoughts on the topic is pretty dang cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by uberfuhrer
    This is what I said in another S and N topic which I meant to post here:

    I don't think that a liking for mainstream music has much to do with S or N. I mean, after all, music is music. Mainstream bands are just the ones who got lucky.

    I do, however, think that Ns might prefer classical music because of what it tends to do with one's mind -- it's more abstract and requires a bit of personal interpretation. It more forcibly demands attention.

    I think S types are more likely to sing along to songs because they're more in tune with what is more direct, but an N will probably be more appreciative of the overtones of music and the more background impressions, such as rhythm, tone, and melody, but not the actual words. They listen to music because it paints imagery in the mind, and requires more abstract, subjective interpretation.

    The same thing happens when I'm watching a movie. I tend not to fully concentrate on the story, but more on the aesthetic overtones such as how the scene is put together for purposes of stimulating my own imagination. I have less concern with what's happening directly and I have to watch a movie several times to understand it.

    Again, I get this sort of experience with either mainstream or indie films. A film for me is a more operatic experience.

    I tend to enjoy mainstream films even more because I am appreciative of big-budget special effects. The subtleties of a digital character and the way an action sequence is done stimulates my mind and makes a film seem more poetic, but again, I have to watch the film more than once to take notice of the story, which is a more direct and concrete aspect of the film.
    I think that is astoundingly accurate. A lot of my S type friends get annoyed with me when I sing along with them to songs because I'll either mess up the lyrics or make up my own. That drives them insane. Lyrics are definately the least important part of music to me, but I do like vocals. I guess that's why I'm drawn more towards experimental music because more interesting textures and colors can be found there without to much focus on actual lyrics.

    I also like oldies because they create instant nostalgic joy. I love putting on early Beatles or The Supremes and stuff like that at parties or during late night drives. Everything just takes on a much more sweetly golden glow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrielle
    I used to like metal, but I find that it just makes me feel really drained and tired whenever I listen to it. Or, to be more specific, it feels just like I went to a huge party with way too many people and got berated and alienated all the while.
    I am always trying to get into metal because I'm drawn to the technical proficiency that permeates the genre and the general dark aura. But I can't seem to do it because I get the exact same feeling as described above. Metal seems like a genre that INFPs would be alternately drawn to and repelled by. Very interesting...
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    I'm perfectly fine with almost all mainstream music - except for some mainstream can't dance to it like hip hop, so I can only tolerate so much of it's stupidity. I'm fine with pointless lyrics as long as the words sound good and so does the melody. I listen to all genres of music, and my focus on a certain genre changes daily. I also listen to music from...anime.

    I have a thing for Japanese rave music and Asian pop...also Daddy Yankee.

    At home I do a lot of I stock up on hip hop xD it's crappy but at least it gets your blood pumping. Has anyone heard Love-Shine by Riyu Kosaka? xD

    Nobody influences my preferences.

    There is something that all the music I listen to have in common, though: passion.

    (+1 if anyone recognizes the person in my avatar...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    I have yet to meet an ENFP who doesn't have an extremely varied music taste. Basically they seem capable of enjoying all kinds of music.

    I focus very little on lyrics, but I love good vocals. My music taste has a strong lean towards prog, but I also listen to some alternative, indie, jazz, classical… I am an album listener, and often I will not remember the name of any of the songs on an album, even if I have listened to it a hundred times. I don’t listen to hip-hop or country either.

    Generally I think Ns will tend to be much more into esoteric and experimental music than Ss. Also they will have a broader taste on average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbourn3 View Post
    First of all, I'm INFJ (most likely) and I don't listen to much U2.
    The bands I mentioned are just examples.

    I'm thinking maybe I should flesh out my characterization with the flip side:

    TP music: Analytical/satirical. Flaw: Offensive.
    TJ music: Powerful/commanding. Flaw: Pompous.
    FP music: Heartfelt/passionate. Flaw: Whiny.
    FJ music: Charming/persuasive. Flaw: Preachy.

    Naturally, I fit my own hypothesis in that I prefer pompous music. Hellbourn, could any of your favorite bands/artists be characterized by detractors as preachy?

    Regarding mainstream and counter-culture, I'm not sure what role type plays, if any. I know plenty of Sensers who are into underground music. Offhand I'd say identifying with a subculture has more to do with alienation and life experiences than with type (though N may be naturally correlated with alienation). I think there is more meat in analyzing the correlation between the emotional content in music, regardless of its popularity, and type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Splittet View Post
    I have yet to meet an ENFP who doesn't have an extremely varied music taste.
    Seconded. I am reminded of the following exchange:

    ENTP: "I am appreciative of all genres except country."
    ENFP: (mildly indignant) "What's wrong with country?"

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