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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    Well considering the majority of the world is SJ, I wouldn't say we are more prone to liking classical music...otherwise you'd see a lot more people listening to it.

    As an SJ, I tend to really dislike classical music...especially because I had to play it for ~10 years on the piano.

    Ironically, I tend to listen to music about love and I've never been in love with anyone before.
    I believe SJs are around 45% of the population, so less than half (I didn't do the study myself, so I can't independently confirm or deny it's accuracy - but I'm pretty sure it's in that neighborhood). What I said was that they're more likely to be into classical music than sensor perceivers (sorry if that wasn't clear). Only 10% of SJs could be into classical and that wouldn't make it an inaccurate assessment.

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    errr no. i'm an enfp and i hate enya. lord of the rings even a band, wtf?
    as some previous posters mentioned, im a music lover and like all sorts of music. and the poster of S vs N mentioned, in fact I then to not pay attention to the lyrics and enjoy rhythm or how it makes me feel more.
    unlike Elfboy, i dont like opera or enya or any of those pieces of music where emotion is.....a bit over the top? i'd honestly connect that to Fe. same with rap. i'm imagining elfboy as an ESFJ/ISFJ at this moment.
    as another poster mentioned, i do like "sensitive" or "passionate" music, that would characterise INFP's. and i dont listen to mainstream.

    mostly, and i wonder if other ENFPs feel like this, i like "weird" music. that is, i like to listen to new stuff, i like music to surprise me. it can be any genre, it can be experimental, i dont care. it just has to be a tad original i guess that's Ne?

    regarding other personality types, i think there can be a rough correlation between types of music and mbti types. in particular, i have found that many INTP's enjoy really crazy metal. it seems to contrast with their personality. the INTJs i know kind of like indie....alternative indie?! INFPs that i know tend to like more alternative, maybe "dark", and also "intimate" music....imagine alternative 80s?! ....and also more pop music, for some reason. could that be Fi and Si? other ENFP friends I have are more like me, they enjoy a wide range of music and it can be either upbeat of "introspective", but definitely a wide range of music. i know less about the other types, sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    as a whole, I would think more simplistic music like rock, country, or pop would appeal more to S types. personally, I find rock and country to be too simplistic for me
    Ns tend to like more complex music. even so, I like pop music if it's good (for some reason, I really like Lady GaGa hahaha)
    as a whole tho, I think musical tastes has more to do with your psychological state than your temperament. I can say (being one) that ENFPs and probably INFPs tend to like more surreal, mystical music (think Enya) or really heroic, passionate music (like Lord of the Rings).
    I really like opera for these reasons, but it's mostly because I relate to the emotions and I consider myself emotionally strong and passionate (which I have developed more than been born with). for some reason I really relate to sopranos in particular and when I hear a really heroic soprano voice, it sends tingles down my spine
    also, I like any music that has a tight ass mentality to it which is why I like a lot of rap. they just do there thing, get money, get pussy and then do whatever the hell they want
    I don't like a lot of music these days (with lots of exceptions) because it has a weak mentality behind it. the guys just sound whiny and desperate and the girls sound like stuck up bitches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek View Post
    Music is all about the soul.
    This is why I like everything.

    And people who have seen me around here enough would know that I really do like everything.

    Some think that is lacking discernment and taste. I think it is because of the soul of the universe speaking to me in all languages.

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