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    Default Survivor

    Anyone else watch this show?

    Normally, I'm not a fan of reality television. Recently though, I've gotten into the latest season of Survivor with my wife/in-laws.

    Here are my impressions of their individual MBTIs:

    Ace - INTJ
    Bob - ISTP
    Charlie - ENTP
    Corrine - ESTJ
    Crystal - ESFJ
    Dan - ESFJ

    GC - ISTP
    Gillian - ENFJ
    Jacquie - ?
    Sugar - ENFP
    Kelly - ISFJ
    Kenny - INTP

    Marcus - ENFJ
    Matty - ESFP
    Randy - ENTJ
    Susie - ISTP


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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    They need to stop setting it in tropical places.

    Why not Survivor Siberia, Survivor Antarctica, or Survivor Detroit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    They need to stop setting it in tropical places.

    Why not Survivor Siberia, Survivor Antarctica, or Survivor Detroit?
    I agree. I liked when they did Africa. I really want to see one in say...the Andes mountains. Or one in the mesas of Mexico and the Southwest. Or in the wilderness of Alaska and western Canada (season in the summer, and a season in late fall when it's sufficiently cold to pose a risk). Or Tibet.

    I mean there are so many exciting places they could go that aren't tropical forests but still pose the similar difficulties. I think they tend to choose those places though because it is relatively easy to find food and water and construct simple shelters. I guess they wouldn't want anyone to actually risk dying of starvation, thirst, hypothermia or wildlife (I highly suspect the camera crews and such there in Africa scared away lions and hyenas. I don't remember any of them being faced with imminent danger from any of those).

    Though, I haven't seen Survivor since the...fourth season, I think. So I don't know about this recent season, whatever one it is. I may go back to watching it since it's kind of fun, in spite of my misgivings about Reality TV, to watch people blunder about, double cross each other, and complain.
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    I love this show! Hubby and I have a bachelor friend that comes over every Thursday and we all watch it together and discuss. We are fascinated with the social dynamics that take place and the challenges they go through.

    I would pay a million dollars to get off of the show,lol, as I could never do it.
    I am scared of ladybugs so you can just imagine,lol.

    Corrine is pure evil and not the cool Dr. Doom kind either,lol.

    Go Bob and Matty!!!!!!!! I hope they go far!
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