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    Default Diana Krall / Chris Botti

    I just returned home from a Diana Krall concert. Each time she comes to this area, I make sure that I go hear her music. She was great. Her husband is Elvis Costello and they recently had twin boys. She came on stage looking like a hippie. She did some Cole Porter tunes and a compilation of songs from her discs. I think I have all of them except for the one that Elvis Costello arranged. I didn't like that one much. My favorite song that she does is "Peel Me A Grape". When she did that number tonight, I imagined some of the people in the audience thinking, "Hose Me Down Now!"

    Chris Botti was her opening act. He was great, too. I kept thinking about how he used to date Katie Couric.

    You know when MBT1 is becoming obsessive when you listening to the artist's music and try to quick size them based on conversations between songs. I think Chris Botti might be an NT. I'm not sure about Diana Krall. I'm guessing that she's an INFP. Any ideas?

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    I loved her cover of the Tom Waits song, Temptation. She has a buttery voice. Very evocative.
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