So after watching this movie I now feel that it is by far and away the greatest movie I had ever seen, as it had an absolutely brilliant script, engaging story and peerless acting performances. Afterwards I decided to look online at the reviews thinking it would have received widespread critical acclaim and a bunch of awards, and was shocked to learn that rotten tomatoes only gives it a measly score of 22%. After researching this discrepancy it quickly became apparent that even despite the fact that it's 2020, homophobia is still running quite rampantly within our society. That, and I also wouldn't be surprised if women who think that they are straight feel really uncomfortable with the newfound feelings introduced to them by the movie, and as such, they too volunteer short sited reviews for this absolutely breathtaking film.

One thing I found interesting was that the movie -- with its openly gay actors and produced 100% by a team of women -- would portray virtually all the men in a negative light. The first scene with men included less than cordial suggestions which were as straight forward as they are explicit. Later, when a character is rebounding with an exotic dancer, their time together is rudely cut short by an uptight male. Finally there was the fiancé, who came across as distant, devoid of any sort of empathy regarding his fiancée's feelings towards another woman, and who even had the gall to callously rebuke his fiancée's romantic advances, apparently out of spite.

Another part that surprised me was the manner in which one woman would chase the other. One was clearly the "man" in the relationship who knew exactly what they wanted and how to get it, while the other was the "woman" who was obviously very confused about what she wanted, and just needed someone on the assertive side to help guide her in the right direction.

So has anyone else here seen it? What do you guys think?