Couldn't find a thread devoted to this series. Apologies if one exists, the mods can merge them I guess. I'm not going to use spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet, please avoid this thread.

This show is really good. Like it made me appreciate the film series a lot more. Even the one with Hilary Swank.

Can't wait for season 3. Anyone have speculation to offer? All I really know is that the writers are planning to take Daniel back to Okinawa, and to explore the roots of both Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai.


-I'm guessing we might get some flashbacks showing a young Miyagi and Sato training, and likely some flashbacks of Kreese founding Cobra Kai with Terry Silver. I'm dying to learn more about the roots of each dojo's philosophies. Considering it will be in Okinawa, I really really hope that Kumiko and Chozen at least make cameos. Will Chozen still want to kill Daniel or have reformed since their fight to the death?

-It's also been hinted pretty heavily that Ali will return in season 3, so I'm predicting she'll help Johnny find his way again and help him to balance his desire for honor and mercy with the more aggressive aspects of Cobra Kai. This will of course set the stage for him mending his rift with Daniel (which the show has also been hinting at since season 1) as she more or less encourages the two to grow the fuck up. However, I don't think this mending will happen until season 4 at the earliest. But Ali will be key in planting the seeds for a team-up between Johnny and Daniel.

-I think Robby will be lured to "the dark side" by Kreese.

-I think Miguel's arc will involve him rehabilitating. He may possibly eventually end up training with Daniel, and likely will mend his relationship with Sam. However, unless the series makes a big time jump, I can't seem him realistically healing up in time to go back to karate before season 4. Maybe he's in a coma and the season 3 finale ends with his eyes opening?

-Kyler is apparently returning. I have a feeling he and his gang will join with Kreese in an effort to regain their status as top school bullies. Curious to see if this leads to Hawk leaving Cobra Kai.

Major Hopes:

-Say what you will about Karate Kid III, but I would love to see Terry Silver and Mike Barnes return. In Barnes case, I can see him doing a cameo or two, but I think Silver deserves at least a season-long arc.

-I would also like to see Julie (Hilary Swank) at least make a cameo at some point. The writers have already stated they believe Daniel and Julie are at least acquainted and probably met at Miyagi's funeral. In my head-canon, she probably took Miyagi's lessons to heart and eventually started her own east coast dojo based on his teachings. Whatever they do with her character, it won't be disappointing, as so far they have managed to bring back old characters in a way that doesn't feel contrived and forced. Can't see her working in a season long arc, but definitely in an episode or two. Wouldn't be too far fetched to see that she had read news about the going-ons in California with the dojo and the big brawl at the end of season 2. Perhaps when seeing Daniel give up on karate, she visits him to change his mind and remind him of Miyagi's teachings.

-a lot of fans hate Demetri, but I think there's potential for a great arc there. Perhaps he and Hawk eventually make up? I really can't see Demetri ever willingly returning to Cobra Kai, so this would have to involve Hawk seeing the error of his ways and defecting. either way, I think he will become a proficient fighter and one of Miyagi-do's best students. He's probably the most like young Daniel out of any of the teen cast.


My main gripe with the series is that the Tory character felt a little shoehorned in there, and also the Aisha character was reduced a lot in season 2 and reportedly won't even be in season 3 (though I am guessing so much of it is in Okinawa that they simply couldn't fit her in. Hopefully she comes back in season 4 and maybe defects to Miyagi-do.