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    Quote Originally Posted by r0wo1 View Post
    Marvel is great I just picked up the New Avengers: Illuminati graphic novel. Has anybody been following the secret invasion storyline with the skrulls?
    I only did with Runaways, Young Avengers and New Avengers.
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    My favorite comic line I collect and love to death is Spawn, alot of people have heard of it but if you havent, check it out. Its almost in the 200s though so I suggest if you find you like it get into it soon before the first issues become too hard to find.

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    Strangers in Paradise:
    Some of the best characters I've ever read. Great relationships, very funny, works lyrics into the story as well as poetry and such. The art style is incredible and expressive, and it's got plenty of twists and turns. I become very attached to this series!

    Y: The Last Man:
    The end of the world as we know it! All men die(for the most part) due to some mysterious circumstance and... Y is the last man. I really love stories that revolve around the whole "end of the world as we know it" thing so this is right up my alley. The style is awesome, clever dialogue, and I enjoy the characters. Pretty cool stuff.

    House of Mystery (current Vertigo run):
    This is a really weird, interesting series from what I've read. Involves this house that seems to be inbetween realities. People become trapped inside of it, and the only way they can pay for things(there's a bar in the house) is by telling stories. They can't leave the house until they're chosen to leave, though no one knows what determines who gets chosen. I'd recommend it because from what I've read it's got huge promise. Quirky, mysterious(as the name implies) and a really great art style.

    As for manga, my favorite thus far has been Kodomo No Omacha, but Love Hina, One Piece, and Ah! My Goddess are pretty cool. These are all pretty girly, but I recommend them because they've all got this cute humor throughout.

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    One series I really like that I didn’t see mentioned here is Joe Hill’s Locke & Key. Hill is the author of Heart-Shaped Boxand the anthology 20th Century Ghosts. He’s also Stephen King’s son and clearly has his father’s talent for writing convincing characters and dialogue that get under your skin, whether in a good or a bad way, and telling an intense, emotional, character-driven story that doesn’t feel contrived or generic. And the artwork of Gabriel Rodriguez is a good match for Hill’s original voice.

    The story is about a psychopathic teenager just out of high school pursuing the survivors of the Locke family after murdering the father. He has a compelling backstory full of misery and abuse that you can easily empathize with. Yet Hill skillfully manages to avoid oversimplifying him and reducing his trail of blood-soaked violence to the sum of childhood traumas and horrible parents. There’s a mysterious and malevolent supernatural entity at work, whose origin and ultimate agenda are yet to be revealed, manipulating the kid and using him in the process of retrieving a magical key that opens doors to other worlds. All we know is that it lives at the bottom of a well in the Locke family’s gothic mansion in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, where they’ve moved to start a new life after their tragic loss. The geographical escape usually doesn’t work, however, especially not in horror stories when they move to towns named Lovecraft…

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    I also like the current Marvel Avengers and X-Men line. Brian Michael Bendis has done a top job revitalising the Avengers franchise for the 21st century.

    As for non-Marvel, try Image Comics "Invincible" by Robert Kirkman. It starts off like a conventional superhero saga, but soon takes some really nasty and shocking twists and turns.
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    Also called Gunnm.

    The manga's old now but still great, and one day I'll catch up on the real ending, The Last Order.

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    *uses necrothreadcy powers rarely tapped into thanks to the help of The Oracle.*

    Pretty Deadly - A new series, western theme with an older story-telling style to it.
    Rat Queens - Also a new series, going through artist trouble right now so it's delayed, but 4 mercs that kick ass and don't initiate tons of females-that-kick-ass stereotypes.
    Sex Criminals - The only comic about tons of sex I've ever seen to balance humor of the subject with education, as well as touch on some pretty deep and very real issues in society and morality today. It has a very real vibe to it.
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    I'm so glad this thread's been necroed, I went through a comic book phase in May-June. Here's a rundown of them, I've denoted each series "ongoing" or "complete" to inform of their publication status.

    Saga: Ongoing. A fast-paced and engaging space opera about two lovers, from opposing planets, on the run from authorities trying to kill them (narrated by their child from the future). Other interesting characters make an appearence and pursue or help them evade capture. The world building is expansive and the plot's immaculate. It's adventure, violence and sex and each issue ends in cliffhanger.
    The artwork is beautiful, just beautiful, each panel is something to marvel at. My only qualm with it is Vaughan's inability to write complex black female characters. I'm getting tired of the stereotypical tough black female, it's becoming pedestrian and offensive. All in all, a must-read, you won't regret it.

    Y: The Last Man: Complete. Another Vaughan series I read however it's not as great as Saga. Even the artwork left something to be desired. The concept's fascinating and the plot's intriguing (I read it whilst listening to GS!YBE's East Hastings, they were in sync, it was quite an experience) but the characters are bland and it certainly felt like he could have done more with this concept. The worldbuilding wasn't extraordinary and it just a coming-of-age set in a dystopian earth. That wasn't terrible but it was a such waste to spend that concept on something so conventional. Essentially, cool concept, poor execution which is funny since I loved it upon finishing it but then, thinking over it, I started realising its hollowness. I don't think people will regret reading it but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype.

    The Wicked and The Divine: Ongoing. When I first learnt it was about young adults embodying popstars and deities, I thought it was total gimmick and my opinion didn't really change until issue #11 (which was pretty explosive). I found the the protagonist insufferable, too whiny and self-absorbed, but she is supposed to be the typical teen and her quest does redeem her annoying traits. I also found, at times, that the characters were one-dimensional but, considering how young the series is (and the plot twist in volume #11) it seems they'll be fleshed out as the story progresses. It references modern technology, even the characters' attire is modern, so it will seem dated in a few years but the mythology compensates for it.
    The artwork is spectacular, I read it on my laptop and I had to stop multiple times to take screenshots. The popstars are blend of recent and retro (there's a Bowie!). Gillon features a lot of minorities, too, and they're not stereotypes, which is very refreshing and not something I can praise Vaughan for. It feels like he's taking a longer time to release each issue, I'm going to have to wait a while for it. I would definitely recommend this series but I think you need to be patient and give it time to develop (at least until issue #11).

    Scott Pilgrim: Complete. Fun and hilarious but ultimately something you can pace yourself with. I never felt the urgent need to read the other volumes after completing one. It's definitely worth the read but, since it's a coming-of-age comedy, it's slower and not as engrossing.
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