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    Default League of legends/Does anyone still play it?

    Hello everyone!
    Just curious if anyone of you plays League of legends
    What's the level of your account?

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    yeap, I am playing for two seasons now. I have 332 Level, heading up to 333, its gone be nice. I am building up a team for Ranked games, I am searching for a good ADC now, any sugestions?

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    I am a good ADC as my friends told me, and I am ready to try to play with you my friend. But I have a small issue, I lost my League of Legends account. Probably it was banned, so now I need a new one and I am trying to figure this out. I don't want to start again from the beginning, I hate playing with bots. I found this site where you can buy a 30 level League of Legends account with a lot of blue essence. A friend of mine bought a League of Legends account last week with 100000+ Blue essence and he bought almost all the champions, so I am planning to do the same, more than that, you will pay reasonable price for that. So I am ready to play. See you on the summoner's rift
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