I just downloaded this recently and have already created 3 new profiles

Vulcan Female tactical officer, 25th century Starfleet
Vulcan Male science officer, 23rd century Starfleet
Gorn Male tactical officer, 25th century Klingon Defense Force

It seems a little odd Gorn and Orions would be serving in such frequent numbers on Klingon ships. I mean if anything, I'd assume they'd be federation members by the 25th century. So I just imagined my own backstory for my character (basically the same as when I played as an Orc fighting for the Stormcloaks in Skyrim)--he was orphaned and adopted by a Klingon house as an infant. His Gorn strength and physique made him a formidable warrior and even xenophobic Klingons came to respect his prowess.

This is a really pretty game to look at but some of the missions start to feel repetitive quite fast--it seems to vary between ship-to-ship combat and run and gun third person shooting challenges. I also don't like the fact that to get a lot of the better ships and uniforms, you have to pay for that stuff in the form of micro-transactions. Otherwise you always start out with your faction's most basic, run-of-the-mill ship. For instance in my Klingon playthrough, they start me out with a little Bird of Prey, and in my first mission I have to fight a fucking Galaxy Class starship. That would be like sending an attack helicopter against a naval destroyer. Luckily I had help from some Klingon attack cruisers.