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    Default Greatest Hits Bands

    Generally I'm not a huge fan of best of/greatest hits compilations, because I like to enjoy music in the context of the album it was originally released on. There's also something irritating about being given a certain song sequence, and sometimes those hits/best of compilations might leave off songs that I like. They also tend to ignore a lot of artists' "deep cuts". Another annoying thing is that these types of compilations often edit songs' lengths down in order to fit more tracks in. Plus, when it comes to especially popular groups like the beatles, their hits compilations start to become redundant. Like, I'd rather see a Beatles compilation that showcased some less famous songs or that featured only non-single, non-hit tracks.

    That said, there's some artists who I am meh enough about that I find these types of compilations are usually enough for me. Examples for me include:

    -Queen (maybe with the exception of A Night at the Opera, I usually find their albums to contain a lot of filler tracks I want to skip)
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -Huey Lewis and the News
    -New Order (although some of the early albums are pretty good from start to finish, I find that the Substance and Best of collections adequately cover the later periods for me.
    -U2 after Zooropa

    What are your thoughts on hits/best of compilations? Do you like them or find them annoying? Are there any artists for whom you'd be content just to buy the best of/hits compilations?

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    I like these:
    Classic Queen
    Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits
    Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits?!
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    A long time ago I purchased one of Madonna's first greatest hits albums, as I think she had a lot of really catchy good songs in the 90's. I can't fathom ever buying the full albums she ever released, so can't comment on whether they are terrible or good or not. But I view her as a 'greatest hits' artist. I think Aerosmith falls into the same category in my eyes, but maybe not. They have tons of hits, but can't comment on their actual albums.

    I also at one point bought the RHCP greatest hits album... again, can't comment on their individual albums but I LOVE a lot of their songs, individually, and listen to many pretty frequently.

    I also only ever bought a Soundgarden greatest A/B sides album, but would be curious to know whether their actual albums are any good. For my own tastes, though, despite the talent, I honestly can't listen to the sound they create for a super long amount of time. I think there are some artists like that, where if you listen to a handful of songs in a row, or in isolation, great, but beyond that you just can't take it. [The singer for Bright Eyes comes to mind... ]
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    I'm not usually a fan of best of albums or albums as a generality since bands stuff albums with sub par songs or listening to too many songs by the same band usually bores me. That said, I have two, sorta. Best of the Cure and A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails (other bands doing covers of NIN songs).

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    I enjoy Greatest Hits Albums. If I like the greatest hits, I'll probably look into the wider portfolio.

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