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Thread: Apocalypto

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    Well, I finished this movie last night.

    Aside from that frisky jaguar chewing off that nasty Aztec warrior's face, the violence really did not seem very extreme to me. "The Bludgeoning of the Christ" was definitely far worse and gruesome.

    I hope this does not mean I am some sort of desensitized psychopathic killer or anything.

    My opinion of the movie? Probably a three-star movie (out of four). Well-done, good acting, nice sound and visual imagery... but the story was a little flat and simplistic, and the ending left something to be desired... it felt like a "Darn, I guess we should just end it here...?" denouement. Just not as much driving purpose/passion to it.
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    Saw it a couple times, great flick.

    I just like watching that guy run through the jungle - pretty awesome even though it doesn't sound like it.

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    I loved this film, but was horrified at how gruesome it was. I'm not into blood guts and gore, and considering it was based on a real life belief system in which they did used to sacrifice people with no compassion whatsoever, I found it quite a distressing reminder of how much I dislike humanity on the whole.

    I found myself distressed through the whole film on an emotional level, certainly made me cry a few times, I gave it a 10 out of 10, and added it to my collection of watch again films.
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    This movie was funny, I was tipsy and I could see was naked men running around, and I kept saying to my mate "wtf is this? its gay" watched half it couldn't get myself to watch the rest.

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