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Thread: Poetry Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Bravo! Well done.
    I rarely use this word, but I thought it was brilliant.
    Ought to be published, actually.

    Hey Chaolioe, get your act in gear and submit it to a literary magazine.

    Hint Hint:

    Literary Magazines and Journals :: NewPages Guide to Best Lit Mags
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    in the beginning, I was virgin to you-
    virgin in innocence regarding you
    in the beginning I was confident with you,
    felt beautiful then, I remember when,
    In the early days, before you threw me around
    before you slammed my emotions hard to the ground
    there was room for me
    there was only forgiveness for you back then...
    In the early days when I learned who you were,
    disappointment ran deep, deeper than I
    could imagine, ever coping with
    reaching lower within
    trying to see thru your sin
    wishing we could win
    a relationship game with an unhealthy frame...
    Before I began enjoying this love
    I was introduced
    to the concept of pain,
    I got familiar with,
    disillusionment in your name,
    I lost my innocence
    and instead dawned the darkness of disdain
    I heard from my lips
    angry words, deeper tones to my voice
    tougher and tougher
    I became-
    who am I now, ahh,
    I remember this Self,
    the protector infront of my wall
    the wall to keep you out
    of my Zen,
    out of my tenderness
    so I'm not harmed again
    but I am,
    I am hiding from life
    behind the stone bricks
    I labored to lift
    again and again
    and as time went by
    I was shadow of me,
    shadow of Self
    as I leaned as I walked
    as I leaned as I sat,
    within weaker and weaker
    of my fading health
    As I never regarded this coming from me
    but felt it of you,
    felt it from you
    soaked up your apathy, pain and your truth,
    of your story
    and how it caused me to hold you,
    over and over
    your head on my shoulder
    when you'd let me get close
    over shutting me out
    so I'd leave you alone
    In the early days though,
    you spoke of your past
    from a voice lacking tone
    a voice lacking love as you spoke
    sharing yourself,
    I recall days of connection
    where did you go-
    in ever direction
    taking me with you
    without your intention as I loved you,
    I still do...
    You showed me your festering contents of mind
    among riches of intellect
    of which escaped you
    its as tho you never knew
    your gifts
    as I saw them
    I saw You-
    In the beginning
    I showed you
    my innocence
    with confidence
    I offered myself
    and in the beginning you accepted
    but in time, refused
    in time you used
    my love,
    took me for granted
    as I became angry
    and bitterness too,
    they took over and over
    I had to protect
    my disappointment
    my heart and my Self
    from your despondency
    your numbness
    from your pains that I carried for you
    again and again
    asking of you
    to look at my tools
    I held them out to you
    for you to use
    for yourself,
    but you chose
    to close your eyes
    sleep or escape
    some other way,
    day after day,
    our relationship just,
    faded away,
    you faded away
    I stopped looking at Self
    for Me,
    only caring for you,
    as you needed your mother to
    have done for you.
    Your mother,
    I became this
    and it hurt me
    rejected my chosen role
    crushed my dreams
    but I stayed in hopes that you'd change
    you would grow and bestow
    all the best that you knew
    you wanted,
    but no longer belonged to,
    it was as though no one wanted you,
    I wished I was the keeper of the key
    to show you the ways to your inner light
    that light you so badly need
    to exist here
    it is a vastness of air and matter
    that your familiar with each day, as we all are...
    that light will keep you guided
    in the right direction- I tried
    I screamed it to you
    from the heights of my power
    in emotion, sensation,
    from my words on paper and spoken
    but you chose
    not to take them
    you chose to believe that
    you were fine to ignore
    and escaped yourself over and over
    from addiction
    in any order of many
    within emptiness,
    wasted potential
    as you were when you were with me,
    you're gone now. Yet you hold me
    you txt me in tears
    you remember the years
    and in touch with your fears
    of living without me
    but I cannot go back
    to the way I was treated
    I am feminine now
    and accepting myself
    for the girl that I am
    but without you as my man
    in the way that I yearned for
    Still do...
    I am missing the contact
    connection of safety
    minus the twisted messages from you
    of when I am needed, is when you don't show it
    taken for granted
    left feeling used,
    so why do I love you
    and why are the tears still hot
    wanting to flow
    but letting them not
    as forgiveness is melting me
    from angry memories
    leaving me weakened
    with the weight of our pain
    I'm feeling you always
    I'm feeling me harboring
    wishes for future times
    with you again
    but I know how it will be
    and no I'm not ready
    I'll never be ready to live life that way.
    I'll never live life with you
    that way, again,
    I'll never live life with you
    that way, again...
    "What's Taters, Precious?" --- Gollum.

    "Bring your pretty face, to my axe". --- Gimly.

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    5 Days After:

    All I ever wanted
    from you,
    was for you to see me
    and with all that we've
    been through,
    that you would come around,
    and say "thank you"...

    "Thank you for your time,
    believing me
    after every time I lied
    my deceit was just one crime
    that I put you through,

    Thank you for your strength
    and your inner
    for the journeys
    that we went
    you were always there,
    to bear...

    To share with me my pain,
    and beseeching your own,
    and because of you
    I've grown,
    forever by my side,
    thank you..."

    I long for these
    kind words,
    of inner depth,
    needing to be heard,
    and should you
    share one day,
    I will wait around,
    and pray
    for my dreams to
    come true,
    for the little boy
    still inside of you,
    will transform
    to your man,
    and take away
    your pain,
    and blame...

    So you can
    finally smile,
    and see out
    for even just a little while,
    the world is not
    so gray,
    even in the rain

    The next time
    that you think
    of reason's and
    of ways
    to go astray,
    in weakness,
    empty space
    that you can't fulfill,
    be still -
    remember please,
    my face
    the eyes that see
    so much more
    of this place,
    that won't spill
    out the rain,
    too much wasted time, -

    Please lower your voice
    and hand
    stand back
    stop, being so angry,
    this really isn't
    about me,
    take a look around,
    what do you see?

    All I ever wanted
    from you
    was for you to see me
    and with all that we've
    been through,
    you would come around
    and say "thank you"...
    "What's Taters, Precious?" --- Gollum.

    "Bring your pretty face, to my axe". --- Gimly.

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    (in hope of me finding interest in writing again)

    Two sides collide;
    this morning I am either.
    Half of me
    I wish I wouldn’t be.
    There is more
    than blood on the mirror,
    still pouring from
    the way things could have been.

    So much more than
    deceit in my reflection;
    you see the part
    I wish that I could be.
    Another question mark
    on recollection
    of who I was
    and the way things could have been.
    Freude, schöner Götterfunken Tochter aus Elysium, Wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! Deine Zauber binden wieder Was die Mode streng geteilt; Alle Menschen werden Brüder, Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

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    Without You

    I want to live in a world
    without feeling
    where love is just a chemical reaction
    Where coincidence is random and has no meaning
    Where compassion is just a mechanism
    To keep the young protected
    Until they can fend for themselves
    And falls away to justice
    Where one law rules
    Void of chaos
    Where sleep is just to heal the body
    Absent of dreams that haunt the waking journey
    Where memories are just a reference for knowledge
    Where walls still stand unbroken
    Locks not picked by deft fingers
    Reaching inside and pulling out
    what should always
    Remain hidden
    A world where your siren call goes unheeded
    Met with stiff resistance
    Your sensual touch
    With indifference
    I want to live in a world
    Without feeling
    I want to live in a world
    Without you.

    Aug 2010

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    Wow, I just found this thread...
    I've been looking to share some poetry again, in the hopes that it will inspire me to start writing again. I used to write a lot of poetry, but recently I've not been writing much of anything outside of papers for class, and when I do write it's been mainly children's stories. Not that that's bad, but I do wish I could get some poetic inspiration back.

    So anyway, here's a poem. It's an old one. I wrote it when I was just finishing college, living with my folks in the 'burbs.

    Hard Times Café
    Minneapolis, MN

    The door's open wide, letting rain in.
    Plants frame the window, remind her of home.
    She ducks inside.
    The guy at the counter hands her a scrap of paper,
    he tells her to write down what she wants.
    ‘Rigatoni, $3.49’.
    "They’ll call you when it’s done," he says.
    She goes to sit by the window, drawn
    by a trapezoid of gray, rainy sunlight
    on the raw dark dirty floor.
    She finds a black-turtleneck clad
    Someone already there,
    sits at the counter instead.
    It’s in the center of the café,
    the focal point in a perspective drawing
    and the stools are high,
    higher than the other tables.
    She is on display.
    She may as well shout, "Hey!
    I eat meat and real cheese
    and live in the suburbs!”
    A man with a ripped shirt, pierced lip,
    and dreadlocks looks blatantly at her
    over his chipped mug of strong, organically-grown joe.
    The waitress calls her name--they are out of rigatoni but
    would she like vegan mac-and-cheese instead,
    ‘cause it costs the same?
    She eats it for the experience
    but it tastes brackish, metallic.
    It’s stopped raining
    so she puts on her scarf,
    buttons her jacket,
    takes her fork to the bin that says SILVERWEAR
    and her plate to the only other bin,
    which is labeled BROKEN DISHES.
    Throwing her napkin away on the way out,
    she passes the dreadlocked man,
    who meets her eyes
    and smiles.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    So tired tonight on TypoC,
    But it's not the end for me,
    I'll stay until secret smileys I see,
    I need them like carrot needs pea.

    Five hundred posts is what I seek,
    I'll do it if it takes all week,
    I'm just a sentimental smiley freak,
    I want enough to reach my peak.

    People might think I'm kinda funny,
    But it's all the smileys, they're the money,
    They lift me up and make me sunny,
    I'm increasing my posts, so pay up honey.

    --Gloriana - 08/02/10
    "Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard, and you're kind, amazing things will happen. I'm telling you...amazing things will happen" --Conan O'Brien

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lux View Post
    These are great, I love reading poetry. I must also say Thom Yorke is amazing. Here's something short I wrote a while ago.

    The Ocean rumbles
    cracking the rocks together on shore
    confusing the sand.
    Lightening splits the water -
    The wondering sea, chaotic in beauty, faithless, harassed
    Or the loving sea, the one you float on, the one that takes you home.
    Poorly veiled and mostly happy
    The waves crash with questions
    Why do you love?
    The mist sweeps the questions back to sea unanswered.
    I love this! The image of the sea as "faithless" is striking. Also "the one that takes you home..." So beautiful!
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speculative View Post
    Poetry thread? Don't remember if I've posted here, so...

    �Streetlamp Terror�

    Streetlamp flickers, dying ember night.
    Crushing God-thumb, snowflake�s smirking descent.
    Pale flicker-lamps in tombs, maggot-eaten Cheshire cat.

    Un-ripe peach skin peach hair peach rouge smiles no more.
    Caked-on baked-on dries & peels off a morgue joy rider.

    Sidewalk cracks, crazy kaleidoscope.
    Pebble flecks claw, frenetic feet.
    Eye jerks left, eye jerks right.

    30 seconds. Blink. 30 seconds. Blink. 30 seconds. Blink.

    Tourists bazaar, beached whale gone blowfish with puffy blue veins.
    Stick-figures scatter in the shade of a last breath.
    Wow... great imagery here. Really portrays a frenetic, panicked feeling. I especially love the next-to-last stanza - so simple yet so effective.
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

    My blog:
    TypeC: Adventures of an Introvert

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    “Fish out of Water”
    There are some people in this world
    That can go their own way
    And not follow the crowd.
    But, there are some that cannot.

    I once knew of a young man
    Who was a goldfish by nature
    And followed the school of fish
    And lost his way of being mature.

    But if you take him out of the water,
    How can he possibly survive?
    He cannot possibly sustain to breathe.
    Watch him as he does wriggle and writhe.

    Now look at the other man,
    Who doesn’t follow the crowd.
    But yet, it seems they look through him,
    And he just wants to cry out loud.

    So it seems that no matter what you do
    Whether you follow or stay behind,
    You always will be dragged into a quagmire,
    And be a fish out of water.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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