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    Default Composers' Types

    I was wondering if anyone was knowledgable about the private lives and personalities of famous composers (past and present). I've been wanting to know the personality types of:

    J.S. Bach
    Benjamin Britten
    Ralph Vaughan Williams
    Eric Whitacre

    Anyone have any insight?

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    Hmm...I guess no one knows. Well, I found some things people have said about Ralph Vaughan Williams's personality. Based on this list, does anyone have an idea what his type might be?

    "He was never one to inhabit an ivory tower; he took an active part in music-making, and an active interest in all causes in which he believed."

    "He was one of the most ‘complete’ men I have ever known. He loved life, he loved work, and his interest in all music was unquenchable and insatiable. "

    "It is given to few men to touch the hearts and minds of his fellows in such degree as he has done; and only to the anointed is given the genius that can span such opposites as the lovely little ‘Linden Lea’ and the tremendous Fourth Symphony."

    "Doubtless there were in that rare mind of his certain private, undeclared, unshared and deeply-felt mental and spiritual reserves that are an inevitable part of high genius."

    "There is a rock-like strength in his musical personality that is exceedingly uncommon in the history of music. His music is a real affirmation of life."

    "Among his acts were countless kindnesses, known only to himself and the persons concerned. He gave continuous advice and encouragement to younger men. He had the dignified humility of a great man, and was utterly unself-seeking."

    "His instinct was to help first and judge later, a trait of character occasionally too optimistic, but always endearing."

    "Not long ago he wrote to me describing a most vivid dream in which he heard some unknown music. He was told, in the dream, that I had written it, and he actually copies out a musical quotation from it! I could not recognize it, but I am more than content to have been given that fleeting moment in a unique imagination."

    "He had a prodigious memory for small details."

    "Even to look at Vaughan Williams was an inspiration. He had the face of a visionary – and how he would have hated it if anyone had told him so."

    "...the Englishman who feels deeply, but is embarrassed when he suddenly discovers that he has been showing it."

    " is precisely [his] power of concentration which is the mark of the elect."

    "...plain-spoken man, who abhors subterfuge, and endeavors, not always with complete success, to state neither more or less than what is in his mind."

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    Bach ISTJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    Bach ISTJ?
    It usually helps if you include your reasoning.

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