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    Default How real is reality TV?

    I'm thinking more of "documentary" style TV like Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares rather than game shows like Big Brother or Love Island or The Bachelor.

    I watched this show for a couple of days this week, I'd never seen it before and its the one which is set in the US.

    Its kind of remarkable and I wonder how much of it is invented or contrived for the TV ratings.

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    I knew someone who wrote reality-TV show scripts for Hollywood. So no, they're not based on reality, mostly a bean counter's (accountant's) dream to save money and bank on the big bucks at the lowest expense of corporate bottom dollar.

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    Obviously they're not based on reality. All Television is a stage and you are entertained. Not to say there isn't any real moments at times, but that's like wwe. Sometimes shit happens a bit off from the script. Improvisation and such is probably fairly common. Other than that, the general basis is just scripted.
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