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    My good friend, Edahn,

    I don't know you. We've never met. If I walked past you on an empty street, we wouldn't share but a cordial glimpse between strangers. Heavy eyes above an anxious pace.

    What I see is a manifest of your ideal self. An internet proxy.

    To that end, I can offer you this:

    Your mind is rare. It simmers with genuine warmth, a will to understand and an urgency to heal. Your presence lies within your heart, Edahn. Humor simply buffers this into a pretty package for everyone to enjoy. The real Edahn is what catalyzes the humor; what gives it it's emotional glow.

    Humanity's greatest gift to itself is love. Endeavor, then, to be a complete expression of love. Be unconditional in your humor. Find a way to protect others with it. Use it to cement your confidence.

    You have a lot to offer this world. Don't allow what you do for a living control this.

    Your good friend,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Do what you love. No matter what.

    Have you considered public interest law, though?
    Yeah. I did it in law school. It's a serious option.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mempy View Post
    I don't know what a human ethologist even is.
    Professional people-watcher.

    You already have the degree for becoming an attorney?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bella View Post
    Psychotherapist: Your face makes me want to tell you things.
    Yeah, but it's kinda taboo to use dirty-talk with your therapist.

    Other: Comedian. As in, one man show in a dark little place, muttering dry one-liners.
    Great idea.

    Aaron, thanks man.

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