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    I used to get all my quotes and paraphrases and type them in order of ideas first. I would first type them all as quotes because I didn't want to spend time paraphrasing. Then I'd go through the paper and fill in the gaps with my words and paraphrase a bunch of the references. I hate writing papers and now the process involves getting drunk.

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    Pretty much done last minute. I give myself two or three days to finish the project so long as it's less than ten pages. I write out everything I personally know about the subject, organize those thoughts, and try to back them up with "reliable" sources I can find. It's usually a process that I don't really think about.

    My senior thesis was something else entirely. Mine was around 120 pages, and I completed it over the course of two years. It was a creative memoir so I didn't really have to do much research but I had to look back into my life which was quite worse in certain ways. Writing it wasn't that hard, what was harder was to organize it into a cohesive manner.

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