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    It's only good advice for people that have the luxury to follow their passion but terrible advice in the guts of life.
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    Depends on the passion. Not all passions have equality productive results.

    :captain obvious:
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    my passion is stripping naked, oiling myself down, and dancing in the road. sure, other people are told to follow their passion. but when i do, i just get arrested!
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    My passions change direction like the winds of a tornado, yet I'm always stuck inactive in the eye of the storm.
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    It's just a way of prettying up the marketplace and pretending that jobs are actually hobbies so that the your labour can be profitted off of by others and it won't be that obvious since now newspapers and whatever websites these days can talk about ~following your passion~ with some posterboy with ridiculously good luck.

    Unless your passion is self-employment, in which case, good luck.
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    ‘Follow your passion’ doesn’t have to be an either/or thing, imo. Calibrate your expectations when it comes to how stable or lucrative it might be, and how much you need it to be. What’s the endgame? Ideally, just a sense of purpose & fulfillment, I’d say. Different for everyone, though.

    If it’s truly a passion, there is no choice. You gravitate toward that dream. It’s part of you. You can explore different ways to bring in more income when what you love isn’t enough on its own.

    Or y’know.. just go through the motions of living. Until you’re not.

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    I want to slap people who say that without elaboration, it's just extremely impractical.
    there is a light and it never goes out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaune View Post
    I want to slap people who say that without elaboration, it's just extremely impractical.
    What is the point if those with the means and power do not fight?

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    The worst are full of passionate intensity, and the best lack all conviction.

    'Passion' is a buzz word, a cliche, that signals the virtue of the passionate.

    No resume is complete without a claim to be passionate about the work.

    From the lowest clerk to highest paid CEO, all are passionate about the work.

    The passionate live to work, rather than work to live.

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    I wouldn't give that advice to every person, because despite what people say, not everyone wants their passion as much as they think they do. If it's not something that's truly prioritized, the person is not going to have the drive, resilience, and assertiveness to find success there, and I don't believe these are things you can force if the value isn't felt. Many people want to follow their passion because they see it as more appealing than a conventional job, but when they realize that they're going to have to get creative, be adaptable and persistent, and actively seek knowledge and opportunities, suddenly they lose sight of their goal, because their real goal was to have something that seemed easy fall into their lap; not to share their passion with the world.

    Side hustles are a different story because they don't require as much intense investment. I support having multiple sources of income, and even think that a person could be more like a jack-of-all-trades if they wanted to and were willing to put in the effort and make sacrifices along the way.

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