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    Default Resources for CV building and work experience tracking?

    I remember some discussion in the threads, perhaps it was the random thought thread but I'm not sure, I do remember that @Beorn was part of it but possibly not the instigator of the discussion about careers and CV, perhaps I think Americans call it a resume too.

    I wanted to create a thread which could be a locus for that discussion, also the sharing of resources pertaining to it, whether its media packages for PC or laptop or existing aspects of Windows software included with most hardware or apps for android phones or devices I would be interested to hear about it myself and I plan on sharing any discoveries I make myself too.

    In 2018 I plan to create a fresh CV, I work in a profession whose regulatory body has had a number of different approaches to creating an online digital database of training and qualification, with pretty varied information over the years about what qualifies as content for the same (some submissions involved hours spent reading a book for instance qualifying as training, an interesting digression by someone I knew who felt that in the early stages they could have went to their local gym and it would have qualified as training of a sort which may qualify) but I am interested in just creating something myself, from which I could produce data but which would be my own personal master copy (I dont have a great deal of faith in either my agency or other public bodies retention and management of information I'm afraid, though it may be improving over the longer term).

    I dont know if the mods think this would be a good thing to pin necessarily but I'm going to subscribe the thread and try and bump it to keep it on the first page as I am hopeful that maybe together we could create something or a space at least that could be of some practical help or interest to the TypoC community here.

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    Not sure whether this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but in the past I've used Novoresume. I think it's a good tool.

    Some of the features are free, but others require a Premium membership to access.

    I have all of my work history, contact details, education, achievements, etc. saved under my profile there. Whenever I need to generate a new CV, I can re-arrange the layout easily, and emphasise/omit whichever elements I need to suit the application.

    I haven't needed a new CV in a while, so my own membership has lapsed. However, I can still access all my information on there, and I have copies of all of the CVs I made downloaded to my hard drive. I'd consider renewing my subscription when I need a new CV, or I may modify my existing ones with free software.
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