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    Default Work and study. Clegane's messy story

    At 19 years i graduated from high school (it's the correct age in my country). I didn't want to study. I wanted to work. But there was no work for me, so I decided to continue studying, also because of parents pressure. I liked biology and chemistry, but there are few job opportunities here. So, because the average job is well payed, and there is low unemployment, I chose to study economics in university. Depression increased, and I was very suicidal, but I was capable of hiding it. Despite of this, the grades were good, and I did the exams that I had to do. The second year (last year) I didn't feel like attending classes. I promised myself I would study on my own. I lied to myself. I knew I wasn't going to study. University was a trauma for me. I searched a job, but couldn't find one. This year, the third university year, I decided to stop studying. I just found a job. I'll be an insulation worker. I'm happy because I'll learn some practical skills, and it's well payed. I won't have the stress caused by university, but I don't know if they'll keep me for long in the company, so I'm still looking around. I want to try the test to become police officer. It's kind of a dream of mine. In case they won't keep me in the company, the police test fails, and I can't find another job, next year I'll start college again. I'll be 22, so I would get my degree at 25 probably. This time I would choose something more practical, like medical laboratory science. Keep in mind that the university fees in my country are very low. I don't even know why I'm writing this. Probably just to talk. Don't know. Tell me if you think my plan sucks. Or if you have some recommendations about a nice bachelor, or other job opportunities.
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    I'm gonna get my bachelor's at 35. It's never too late.

    (I hate school as well)
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    School is rough. You'll figure out a path eventually. If you have something you would like to study, I would take advantage of low university costs. I live in a country where higher education costs are ridiculous. Literally the only reason I can go to the school I go to is because I was able to get and keep a good scholarship. Still, if you feel it is detrimental to your mental health and well-being, that tells me you should either seek professional help and/or consider another path.

    Though, more and more, I've heard that learning a trade is a good option. You could also find a shorter program of study. I went to high school with a girl who got her degree/certification from a year long program. She does blood work and drug tests now for a company.

    If being a police officer is one of your dreams, I'd definitely work hard towards that. I think that would be a stable occupation and you could work in a variety of places. If you know any police officers well enough, you could always ask for help preparing for the test.

    Though if you like bio and chem, medical lab science sounds like it'd be a good fit. And it is never too late for education and to learn, in my mind.
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