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    Default What is the best job for an INFP?

    Any thoughts on what the best career would be for an INFP? Why do you think so?

    Can those of you who are INFPs talk about your career - what you like most about it and what you like least about it?

    What would be the characteristics of your ideal job?

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    Hello Highlander!

    I am afraid I don't yet have a real career, but I'm working on it That being said, maybe I have some insights to offer that would be helpful.

    The stereotypical "best" career for an INFP would most likely have be a writer of some kind - poetry, children's fiction, or adult fiction... some INFPs are capable of technical writing or grant writing, journalism, or other non-fiction writing, too. It just depends on the individual.

    We all flock to the humanities, i.e. literature/poetry, classics, and even history. Not to mention the fact that the majority of us also tend to find work in the performing or visual arts - or at least (privately) desire to. Most of us know how to play at least one instrument, have a finely-tuned ear, and secretly daydream of being in a rock band, no matter what our "real job" is! Most of us doodled on our homework as kids, and consequently love sketching, painting, etc. With training, an INFP can become a forensic artist, or furniture maker. Many "crafters" are INFPs. We can make beautiful jewelry, scarves, woven baskets, and other such trinkets for some extra cash on Etsy, but aren't particularly interested in the hardcore marketing side of these things. If an INFP adequately develops their confidence and stage presence, they have the potential to become an expressive actor, really studying and getting "in the head" of their character (though this can also be taken way too far by INFP actors, to the point of identifying TOO much with the character, and falling into a downward spiral, i.e. Heath Ledger).

    Graphic design or web design could be a good career fit for an INFP, because it allows them a secure line of work, while also being a creative field. I suppose the same goes for a field like photography, floral design, or fashion design/hair/makeup artistry. It is not at all uncommon for many INFPs to go into massage therapy, music therapy, or even to work with animals, i.e. vet assistant or wildlife rehabilitation (not recommended; INFP may become too attached to the animals). Really, any profession which involves producing something of beauty, or something that is going to be pleasing to others, is going to attract a disproportionate amount of INFPs.

    Some characteristics of an "ideal job" for an INFP, regardless of what the career is:

    1. Degree of consistency
    2. Room for creativity or "personal touch"
    3. Somewhat solitary, but within the framework of a greater team or company
    4. Regular feedback from boss (positive AND negative)
    5. Weekly to-do lists and email briefings from boss
    6. Solitude while immersed in job tasks (garrulous coworkers, beware - you're distracting us!)
    7. End result being something useful or beautiful that everyone enjoys or uses in some capacity

    Of course, this does not even take into account Enneatypes, and how that may further influence an INFP's disposition and career goals.
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    Resurrected! As an INFP, I'm curious about this too. I graduated from college in December and have been doing freelance writing since, but I can't see myself doing this for much longer. I'm already looking into graduate routes. However, I don't see my career as serving as my life's purpose. Rather, I'd like a job/career that allows for reliable free time for pursuing what's meaningful to me. Basically, for my job I'd like: autonomy, a reasonable degree of intellectual stimulation and variety, and have it it be in a relatively stable/calm environment. I'm currently looking into becoming an Archivist and was wondering if any INFPs have gone down that route.

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    Woo fellow INFP here! This is a great post to think about since it can be very tough finding a career an INFP is happy with since INFPs have such a wide range of interests. I think I am a bit atypical than most INFPs. I know most suggested careers for INFPs, as SurrealisticSlumbers mentioned, tend to lean towards the humanities in writing and the arts. While I am very drawn to those topics, I am also passionate about the sciences and helping others. I, too, once briefly contemplated a career in interior design as I am creative, but unfortunately, am not that artistic in nature (or least at a level where I can market my skill). I decided to leave those as hobbies instead of pursuing a career in the arts. When I was searching for careers I could imagine myself in, I wanted a job that varied from day to day (no set routines), keeps me intellectually engaged, allows me to be creative, works with people, and makes me feel good about the work I am doing. While all arrows pointed to med school I knew that wasn't the right choice for me so I found genetic counseling instead! The profession incorporates education, counseling, and scientific interpretation all while supporting patients in varied settings. It is a standard 9-5 job so I won't be tied to the hospital and incorporates my passion for science and people all into one!

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    @Surrealisticslumber. Your description of a career of INFP sounds more like an ISFP to me. Ideal INFP career should be a novelist, an author. A best selling author for a Novel, Like JK Rowling. INFPs are literature geek. Isabel Briggs Myers was also an INFP. She found the MBTI.

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