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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Doesn't work if you are a night owl. My prime studying/writing hours in grad school were 9:00 pm - 2:00 am.
    Yes, I had that issue too and I did exactly what you did. I still stick with the advice. I get up every morning to go to work. I don't stay up till 2 so much cause I have a hard time getting up the next day .

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    1. Understand and learn more about your learning style. It’s a big help. Not everything will be tailored towards your learning style, but it’s still possible to make it work. I’m very much a verbal/linguistic learner. I have to write things down and often will repeat them out loud.
    2. Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten before class. Otherwise, you might fall asleep or lose all sense of attention.
    3. Ask questions. It can be a bit nerve-wracking for some, but it’s better to do.
    4. Try. It is better to put a wrong answer down than nothing at all. Plus, it looks good when you show effort. 99% of the time it does not go unnoticed.
    5. Keep track of assignments. Thing to do lists and schedule books are what I use.
    6. Keeping track of your grades is also a good plan.

    I find this is my formula.

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    My tip would be to try to understand things at school and university, if you can. It takes a lot less time and effort than trying to remember it all, and while grades open doors, in many fields knowledge without understanding doesn't take you very far after studying.

    Also, the earlier you really understand things, the easier the next things are to learn. Many things seem more complicated than they are when you are first taught them, often because a teacher is crap or society says it is difficult. Ignore such thoughts and let curiousity drive you.

    Probably ignore this one, because it might be seen as irresponsible, but I'd also say don't try to attend every lecture at university because they are usually a crap way of teaching and you'll just end up too tired to reflect on and understand the subject matter. Also, more importantly, the time is better spent enjoying life. I have found that lectures are only really useful when they are interactive or you are learning something interesting in a field where you already have the basic knowledge. If you want to learn the basic knowledge, you are far better with a book, the Internet, or sitting down and discussing it with someone who knows. As above, to understand is the goal, so where possible ask the questions you need to get there.

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