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    I remember wanting to be a police officer so I could arrest my parents.

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    Aaaw, this is one of the many stories that start with "An example of how CitizenErased has been embarrassing her parents in front of a lot of people since age 3".

    It was a meeting with the children and parents of 1st grade (some kind of "let's get to know each other" activity), and everyone had to say what they wanted to be later in life. Everyone was "I want to be a doctor to cure people/I want to play football/I want to be a lawyer/vet/astronaut..." and when my turn came, I said:

    "I want to be a hippie."

    My parents told me that "hippie" wasn't a profession, and I asked why I needed one, they said to make money to buy stuff, and I asked why money exists if our human ancestors ate fruits from the trees. They didn't answer.

    Of course, I meant driving one of those colourful vans, travelling with friends, play instruments and go anywhere I liked without people telling me what to do. I still want that life (sort of).

    Then I grew up and in my teens I wanted to be everything. Leonardo da Vinci became my personal hero since then. I wanted to be a multi-instrumentalist, novelist, visual artist, dancer and singer with deep understanding of descriptive geometry and sociology.

    Then I realized being all of that before my 25th birthday was insane, so I became a... depressed person, haha

    My path was always related to art, so I first started studying Architecture, because it was the one "art" that, when being a professional, allows you to do most of the others (designs, for example), but it wasn't for me, so I changed to Curatorship and Art History, which allows me to work in museums, write books, participate of the critics, and the career is like seeing the history and technical stuff of every type of art, so I feel I'm covering my wide range of interests pretty well.

    In the meantime, I'm still going to try to be all the other stuff.
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    Off and on through my childhood, I wanted to teach elementary school.

    I'm beginning a teacher instruction class and internship in the fall, and I've started the application process for universities with good teaching programs.

    Yet I know, if I stepped aside
    Released the controls, you would open my eyes
    That somehow, all of this mess
    Is just my attempt to know the worth of my life

    Mercury - Sleeping At Last

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    Movie critic because I wanted to watch a bunch of movies for free.
    I don't think the Patterson footage of sasquatch is real because the creature is too fat and land animals are very seldom that fat, us excepted of course.
    I do allow for the possibility that this Bigfoot might be an impulsive eating squatch from Michigan, in which case, the film might actually be genuine.
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    electrical engineer. yes at 5 i wanted to be an electrical engineer. then worked with them and vowed never to be an engineer. they are WAY to mental and not hands on enough. i like a balnce, so i end up being the technician who learns engineering.

    of course i am a computer programmer by profession. no school, just kinda worked my way into this position.
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    I think my ability to dream was stifled at a fairly young age, whether through nurture or my own nature or probably a combo of both. I don't recall ever wanting to 'be' anything when younger (other than myself ), and by the time I was a teenager 'career' had begun to plague me.

    In my early middle age I am working at going for something along the lines of a dream, though. Maybe never too late to revisit?
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    My job doesn't at all resemble what I dreamed of; in fact it's a lot of the corporate stuff my child self did not like. But I detected the better people in it and maneuvered assertively to become a part of what they do, which is a kind of check/balance on the less human parts of the work. I can say I'm doing the best I can with where I'm at.

    Do I care about the gap between what I'm doing and my old dreams? Yes, if silently and with too much shame. My relationship with them is not good at this stage. But I am working actively at that, too, by putting myself in social situations that pressure me on a regular basis to face the discomfort I have with making art.
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    RLOAX (don't do it)
    Melancholic Hufflepuff
    A lonely island where only what is permitted to move moves, becomes an ideal. Jung

    Kiss Kiss [johari] Bang Bang [nohari]
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    I wanted to be a famous singer and/or writer. I've pretty much given up on a career in music, but I'm working on a book, so I guess we'll see. I'm not planning to make that my career though, like unless some miracle happens and I end up making a ridiculous amount of money from it.
    Previous username: EliaBlack
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    My dream job during childhood is still my dream job, that is to become a personality psychologist.
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    Famous author.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Yamato Nadeshiko View Post
    I remember wanting to be a police officer so I could arrest my parents.
    And you will fall, fall, fall, fall apart
    And I will fall, fall, fall, fall apart.
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