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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldanen View Post is quite interesting. I found out about it in a small video on Youtube. In laymen's terms, they were suggesting that an object (at least on a sub-atomic level) doesn't stabilize in some way until you measure it. And they used this to posit some outlandish claims about holograph theory, etc. All in all, I thought it was quite inspiring :P. "Reality is subjective and doesn't exist until someone observes it," etc. They also used the idea of virtual particles.
    I thought this was more a matter of interpretation of quantum mechanics, on the boundary between science and philosophy. I am not sure if there are ever going to choose among the viable alternatives.

    The EPR paradox and Bell's Experiment as well as others, I thought, have essentially smashed the "hidden variables" type interpretations. I found the "its always a super-position, but just measured as an eigenvalue because the measurement aparatus is itself quantum mechanical" interpretation the most satisfactory.

    I am personally intrigued by trying to solve the QCD equations in the non-perterbative domain. It seems like a Math problem with applications to physics.

    Actually, the whole list under Theoretical Problems is interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    Is it just me, or is one of the problems with physics that the people who might become physicists are also interested in many things, and that a lot of those things are more lucrative?

    (for those who have access to sources on things like this, that's your cue)
    I believe the salary for physicists is actually quite high, but you have to be working in private industry rather than say a university prof. This also may assume a degree higher than BS.
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    I wanted to be a physicist when I was little, and in middle and high school I was ecouraged because I showed a propensity for the subject (of course, also because I liked it). However, due to family pressure, I settled for something potentially more lucrative
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    I dont think I would like to be a physicist for a main profession. It has always been my greatest hobby and I have made some progress now, towards the understanding of it. Especially the book from Richard Feynman about QM that I have mentioned to you before, is really worth the reading. I like all kinds of mathematical problems, coming out of theorethical physics, like ygolo mentioned, too.

    But in the end, I think it is really only a hobby to me. I would like to have a job, where I actually can touch and build pragmatic things. I think with a BS in Engineering I choosed the right path for me.

    When I solve a mathematical problem, for example, it was most of the time already solved by then. So there was no real challenge, except for myself. When I then run to people screaming I solved it, they say "great ! nerd !" but they do not really understand whats behind it or the possible applications for technology that good be drawn fro mthe equation.

    When I would make my mind around an unsolved problem, this would be real intresting, but I guess just as a hobby. My attention span would not last to do it for a very long time.

    What IS really intresting, creative and I bet you can make some money with it, is mechanical and electrical engineering. I have constructed out of a block of wood a little vehicle, that mostly consists of a block and 2 cylinders. I have bend an elastic band around the cylinder an now it is working like a caterpillar drive.

    Previously I have soldered an electric board build of several circuits that works as a positioning system. There is an induction coil on the main circuit and I have got three more, you can position on a nearly 40000 inch^2 great field. The density of the electric current then, measured within the main coil, gives information about the position, within the field.

    So what I am doing now is to developed an engine concept for my wodden cylinders. and I need to develop a cutter. If this works, this will be an automaton that runs over a field and cuts the grass by itself .

    This thing I will donate to my mom, who keeps bugging me about cutting the grass and saying "You rather develop such an automaton for thrre years than to just cut the grass by yourself" xD

    If this thing works, I will go to the neighbours houses and try to sell it. It is less good than the professional ones, so I can sell it cheaper than them. Gonna see if I can get my colleague money this way for the next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    Is it just me, or is one of the problems with physics that the people who might become physicists are also interested in many things, and that a lot of those things are more lucrative?
    That's probably part of it. I'm taking Biophysics atm and the professor boasts that a masters in biophysics will net you 6 figures out of grad school, easily.

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