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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    Yes, only by teaching philosophy does one gain the recognition of officially being a "philosopher". Nevermind that numerous great minds were never academics themselves.

    An alternative route would go into certain areas of journalism which explore philosophical issues. Numerous "philosophers" engaged in that.
    Indeed. Anyone interested (especially INTPs) in becoming a philosopher should either a) work toward a PhD in philosophy and attempt to become a university professor teaching the subject, or b) go into journalism and write about philosophical/scientific issues/topics.

    I personally want to major in English and Philosophy (in no particular order atm), so that way I can either teach it or at least write about it, in one form or another. If we can't hold an official title as "philosopher," then we'll just have to run around with the idea that we're philosophical by writing and thinking about it often, and how best to do that than by teaching, researching, and drafting articles all centered around it?

    Good post.

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    I think on the whole I'd rather BE a philosopher
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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    I'm planning to have my Master's Degree in Philosophy, after majoring in History...

    And yes, I want to be a college teacher in this area.

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    I wouldn't recommend that anyone pursue a degree in philosophy unless he/she is planning on teaching or going into law, but I would recommend that everyone study philosophy extensively. More than most subjects, philosophy changes the thought processes of those who study it. In terms of the physical degree, however, there isn't much benefit.

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    Unless you are absolutely positive about future plans. I knew this INtP guy (assuming) that had seemed like he had a well-planned out future in philosophy. He wrote a few books, gave talks, planned on going to Emory for a PhD.

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