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    Question Confusion, Indecision and Occupational Therapy

    I wonder if anybody can help or offer any advice. I'm 34 and trying to work towards going to university (UK). I'm currently home studying for qualifications I need to apply to study Occupational Therapy after spending perhaps almost a year researching the profession. I always feel somewhat anxious and indecisive with everything in my life, just the way I am I guess, but I decided on this path.

    I've met with an OT to ask questions about what it's really like and currently waiting to hear from several places I have applied to do some shadowing. It's very hard to get this as there's a lot of demand for shadowing in healthcare professions. I spent several months contacting hospitals and other places and am only just now getting anywhere with the shadowing, but still have to wait perhaps another month for a decision regarding a possible week's placement.

    Throughout all of this I've been wondering if I really want to do this or if my interest will pass, as it does with other things sometimes. I'm sure fellow INFPs can understand that? Thing is... I'm old. In terms of going to university at least. I was really sick a few years ago but thankfully made it through, which is another reason I want to do something and not waste time. But that's also a reason not to waste time doing something I don't really want to do.

    I'm so confused. Apologies for the whiny sounding post. Can anybody offer any direction?

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    Well, you're very correct about shadowing being difficult to find in healthcare - it is here in the US as well. I would look at the university and see about a shorter degree or certificate sort of thing where you would be set up with an internship/practicum/shadowing via the university. This way you would not be locked into a 4 year degree of you didn't like it but if you did, you'd have the option of continuing on. I'm in health information management and I can't remember a time where there weren't people shadowing or interning in some fashion but we don't take people unless they are affiliated with a university we work with.

    I know several OT and they love it. Some work for the health system I work for, some work for independent companies. It's a booming field and it's fulfilling and rewarding in terms of helping others - for people who are looking for that in their line of work.
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    my friend is wanting to be an OT to build a snozelden room, to help severly autistic kids (her younger sister is and functions at the level of a 2 year old, but is 25) i was in OT when i was little for some developmental things, i was in it til 7 or 8 from age 18 months it was actually my favorite therapy because it was just play time mostly. (i'm sure it was more than that but as a little kid thats how i perceived it) i can't say the professional side cuz i don't have experience.

    p.s. i was talking to my mom and she said that these days its really hard to get into med school even with perfect grades and attendence and where she works (at utmg) that they favor students with that plus has worked in a health care setting especially a hospital. she's not in admissions and only teaches one class a year, but she says its gotten a lot harder to get in.
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