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    Default Good way to learn Web languages..

    I'm registering a business, and want to ditch what i'm doing now since the co-workers and bosses are dopey, infantile and unethical. I'm in sales now, and want to move into business development and political analysis.

    However, I want to build my own websites and not pay stacks on getting others to do them for me. I used to buid them in the Web 1.0 days, but I've not kept up since then. Is it still Java? I know there is HTML 5.0, but what would I need? And I know there are good CMSs out there, but which ones? For things like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, I'm covered, since I know social media/digital marketing inside out (I'm only a handful of people in my country that are Hootsute Certified..probably 400 at best from 10 million people..)
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    Pick a template and save yourself time. WordPress or Squarespace are probably your best bet. Wix can be good as well; you have more direct control over the page elements. But the usability factor sucks.

    WordPress has a higher learning curve than Squarespace, but it has a lot more features and flexibility in the long run. You can buy great, affordable templates through Envato.

    If you plan to have a simple site, I'd say choose Wix or Squarespace. If you plan to get a little more complex in your site map/layout, consider WordPress.
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    If you want to learn a programming language, at least learn one with a wide array of application, such as C#.
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    I would say: do what Sil recommended.

    If that isn't enough and you really want to learn *programming* then go for python that is superb and easy to learn, good for both web and general purpose programming on every platform. Python is like a breeze compared to other complex typed languages with complex runtimes (like C++/C#/java).
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