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    Default What are the most effective learning methods? What is yours?

    There have been a lot of different ways to learn, and with technology new ways in learning are also being developed that were less possible before.

    How much is memorisation over understanding important in how you learn something new? Do you require direct experience to help in understanding? Visual, auditory or feelings about something too?

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    I am an auditory learner first, visual second.

    Understanding >>>>>> memorizing

    I am a conceptualizer. if I can't put together the concepts into some sort of larger framework or general idea, I struggle. I must understand the concepts first and foremost. It's also my strongest point of learning.

    While I can memorize, if it is just blunt with little tied to it I struggle. I also despise doing so. I look for patterns to condense information down so I don't have to memorize, but instead know the concept and apply it to individual cases each time.
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    I'm very visual and auditory. I take notes in class but I never look at them or study them. Just by listening and paying attention I retain pretty much all of the information. When it comes to learning something more concrete and less abstract, I am very hands-on. Are you teaching me how to make something?? Then I need you to give me the materials and walk through it with me so I can build it for myself, rather than just telling me how to do so or giving me a paper with numbered directions on it.
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    I memorize some of the basics by reading and listening, and writing it down. I'm much better at auditory learning, but the more methods the better. Then I try and see how it all fits together logically, and figure out why things are the way they are. I can definitely pass a test through pure memorization, but if I want to remember it after I take the class then the logic way is more effective. I guess you could say that memorization are the building blocks, but that alone doesn't allow me to understand it.

    With hands on things I'm the opposite of 21lux. If you walk it through with me then it will take forever for me to learn. I prefer someone to give me instructions, and I'll figure out the rest.

    Also if I feel like the thing I'm learning is important or interesting then I'll do better in it.
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    outlining. if/then charts. mnemonic associations. the palace thing. orating/lecturing.

    Strongly visual.

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    my study method is to look at all of the powerpoints i have to know and then cry in a ball on the floor
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    It's been such a long time since I feel like I've had to actively study a subject and it feel like a burden. I think I've been doing something right. I'm pretty sure I learn best by having it matter and by being hands on.

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    I actually avoid trying to just rotely study something to learn it, because my brain takes one look at an entire page full of super serious text and skitters off into the corner like some sort of nervous kitten

    if I ever do get around to studying (not something that I often do, since I'm of the attitude of "if I haven't picked up on it yet in class, there's no use in trying to fit it into my head now") I just work through problems in the question section of the textbook... I learn a lot more by going through and figuring out how to get to the solution, even if that does require flipping back into the text with a purpose, than I ever do by just trying to flat out memorize things... learning HOW to get an answer is the most important thing to me, I guess

    which probably translates somehow to learning by doing
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    Oh wow, school was so very very long ago.

    I recall I did best just learning on my own. So with formal classes, I'd take notes. I relied on my notes pretty much exclusively when it came to studying for exams.

    I don't feel this is very helpful, lol, but it's true. For 90% of my classes I'd just end up not super actively paying attention or listening to the teacher -- I mean I'd listen to the extent of being able to take notes but I wasn't trying to 'learn' in real time. And much of the time when they'd ramble on I'd just zone out, I think. Because I always ended up relying on notes/books for exams.

    There was a very small % of my classes though that were not lecture-based, that were small-classroom based, and those required either active participation or much more of a focus on every single thing the professor was saying.

    Outside of formal school, like with my watercolors/art, I am a learner-by-doer / practice / messing up / learning as I go. I am not a fan of online learning/ researching up on lots of things, mostly because in terms of art, watching a video or reading something might make everything seem super 'easy' in theory, but in practice all of that goes out the window.
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    The best learning method for me would be a group-setting, which allowed me to talk to other people about it. It's easier collecting ideas together and asking questions directly that way. I'm way to easily distracted to read dry, theoretical books or listen to some audio for more then a few minutes.

    If I just have to memorize stuff though, it's faster to write down all the important information by hand and read through it once or twice.
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