Hi everyone, I'm trying to help out a friend who isn't a member of these boards...

She'd like to move overseas to study in a college in UK and would really like some ideas on how she'll pay for her fees and board. It'll end up costing about $20,000 per year... Do any of you know what kind of jobs/scholarships/financial assistance she could look out for in the UK? She's currently based in the US and will be studying full time.

I think any ideas would be helpful at this stage! Getting a job seems pretty obvious, but is it easy to enter the job industry in the UK? All of my friends who moved there from Oz seem to end up pulling beers even though they had a great career back home. :-/

Oh, this specific friend is an INFP by the way.. and I apologise for the lack of details, but she wants to retain her sense of privacy.