Ok kids,
So I am 24 years old and I was homeschooled through high school, I've often considered going to college but at first I was hesitant because of my homeschooling and the fact that I cheated at math all the time and then later it was the Financial Aid stuff. I told myself when I turned 24 and could get the full amount of aid from the government that I would head back.

So unthinkingly I registered for classes online at the local community college thinking I would do the two years online and then transfer to a university but lord almighty the classes I've registered for are boring as fuck. I am not excited about this choice at all. A much older friend of mine recommended the Art Institute of Phoenix to me being that I am a very creative person. He thinks it would be a perfect fit for me and that I would do very well in any of the programs they have there and get along incredibly well with the other students.

Since we talked about it the idea has been growing on me quite extensively.
Here's my questions.
Anyone been to an Art Institute? What were your impressions?
Is it worth it to rack up the ridiculous amount of student loans?
Can I get money to pay my other debts off and pay for my housing and whatnot? (at 24 I feel like a fair bit of a loser living with my folks and the drive to the art institute would be close to an hour each way)

What are your thoughts about this? (Really any thoughts are great. Just toss them out there)