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View Poll Results: How Stressful Do You Find Your Current Job

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  • 1 - I swan into work, hi-five my coworkers and sing Disney anthems all day

    1 5.88%
  • 2 - I get in early, smash a few deals, win the largest bonus and airpunch while yelling 'Fuck Yeah'

    0 0%
  • 3 - I get in early, finish early, organise the office social gatherings. Love this place.

    1 5.88%
  • 4 - I get in early, mess up my desk, search for stuff on craigslist, do the social rounds.

    3 17.65%
  • 5 - I find reasons to go down to the archives and spend long hours there to explain my absences.

    2 11.76%
  • 6 - I find ways to piss our customers off while avoiding getting fired.

    1 5.88%
  • 7 - I steal the office stationary because something has to make this worthwhile.

    2 11.76%
  • 8 - I spend my lunch hour sending off resumes for anything else including exotic dancing.

    1 5.88%
  • 9 - Please make it stop. I sabotage my job in the hopes of being fired.

    0 0%
  • 10 - I want to stab myself in the eye with a sharp implement

    6 35.29%
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    Wake, See, Sing, Dance Cellmold's Avatar
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    In relation to the low pay and lack of responsibility, surprisingly high.

    It's the typical retail hierarchy though; one big spider's nest of people shitting on the people below them because the spider in the middle is the one with the biggest cheque. the customers....OH LORDY LORD THE CUSTOMERS!
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    Most of my jobs currently are stressful in different ways. Most of the stress is good in different ways. I'm learning a lot. I seem to be much more satisfied working multiple jobs than just one.

    One thing I know for sure now, is that the main source of lack of productivity at a workplace are the assholes at work that demand everyone else be productive... rather than just inspiring others to be so by being productive themselves.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    The only part that I find minutely stressful about my job are the hours.

    But then again, my job is much less stressful than my own free time. So I guess there is an oxymoron in there somewhere.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Junior Member Saffrogen's Avatar
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    My current job is about a 4, but 9 strongly resonated for my last job.

    I used to work front desk at an economy motel in the Disney area that was marketed as a boutique hotel. Throw in the entitled guests, poorly maintained property, endless blame game, micromanagement, big brother bosses, and backstabbing, and, well... There's a reason why when my coworker and I worked the late shift together, we would take turns enabling each other's bad behavior. One of us would be away from the desk for hours, but still clocked in while the other covered. He clambaked in his truck, and I got wasted at the bar.

    On Sundays when management wasn't around, my coworkers and I would all get wasted together in the breskfast room, sometimes completely abandoning the front desk during slow times.

    Oh, and my coworker actually got caught being clocked in when he wasn't really there. (This was when he was "working" with someone else other than me.) Management took away his shifts for a week, but otherwise kept him as a full-time employee. The place was so miserable to work at that they had trouble retaining any new hires; for example, within one month of being hired, three out of four new hires quit, and two of those walked away from their shifts. Everyone who stayed passive-aggresively abused the system as much as possible, somewhat expecting to get caught and fired. But, it never worked out that way...

    Why didn't we all quit? I guess we had no self esteem. (I finally did quit.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chthonic View Post
    It's no secret I'm in possibly the one job I'm entirely unsuited to. In the beginning I found little niches in the role to fill with my talents. But over time I'm just becoming more and more stressed. There is this pervasive low level stress I constantly feel from doing something I naturally suck at.

    Just wondering how many other people are slowing killing themselves in careers or whether career satisfaction is actually a thing. Feel free to vote, vent or vascillate on why or why not your job is awesome or awful.
    There're lots of shades of work that aren't covered in the poll. Mainly, sometimes it's cool, intellectually satisfying, and socially fulfilling; other times, it's a nightmare and I want to jump out the window. I think that's how a lot of people experience work.

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    I find the whole aspect of job searching much more stressful than the job I have. My job isn't particularly that stressful (Librarian) except for the occasional difficult customer that comes in. I'm looking for another job because this is only part-time.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    My job is stressful as fuck but I like it, and happen to be really good at it. I'm 100% commission and don't make any money unless I walk that money through the door. Some pay periods I make nothing, and others I made more than I used to make in a year. Sales is a bitch, but pays really well if you can hack it. Something like 90%+ of people who get started as Financial Advisors don't make it.

    I happen to be one of the ones who did. It's the most competitive industry I've ever been in, with bosses always asking what have you done for me lately, and pitting my production levels against my co-workers. I'm actually moving to a new company that is going to fast track me to management and pay for my MBA. I'm happy to play politics or whatever it is else I have to do. I like this dog eat dog business. Stress is good for me, and I'm doing something my talents were made for.
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    I'm currently in the most enjoyable job I've done yet (data analysis) which is better suited to my talents. Prior to that (in the same company), I used to work in their Complaints department, which I just really hated more and more over time. Customer service only made enjoyable when they gave me problems to solve.

    My current stressors are just people - people wanting stuff done in a short space of time, and not understanding that I may have other stuff I'm doing for other people too. So I'm negotiating time. I've felt a greater need to plan my days out - I'm still not a good planner, and it can frustrate me when things don't go to plan. But I'm learning.

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